This is how everyone thought the Yokai Warrior's has return in USApyon and Jibanyan in The Road to the Ancient Yokai.

[Inumaro is looking at the great big rock and no sign of Ancient Yokai, so he wake up the others]

Inumaro: Guys, wake up.

[They wake up]

Inumaro: Everyone. We're here.

Jibanyan: We are?

Inumaro: Oh yeah. We found it

Fuyunyan: We found it? Oh! Fantastic! Where is it? How far?

Inumaro: Right here!

Komajiro: Here.

Komasan: Behind the rock?

USApyon: No, this is it, Dani.

Jibanyan: Give me that! (He grab the Map) This ca-

USApyon: Apparently, Ancient Yokai. Is native for... a big.. rock! Hey, but I'll tell you what, I'm feeling generous, so you can have my share, dani!

Nikoyiko: You don't think Nurarihyon could've gotten here before us and-

Inumaro: And what? Taken to a big rock? That jerk.

Jibanyan: Guys, you- we have to think about this. We've come all this way, and w-w-we should really, you know-

Whisper: Lets...go... Back!

All: (Sigh)

USApyon: Not with the face! Stop. Looks like there a pass right there.

[Then they bump into someone and they saw guards coming to them, and they look scared]

Whisper: Um, hi. I this your rock, dani? Sorry, we were just looking... We're tourist. Tourist! We... we... lost our group! May we go now?

[They point at them with their spear]

Whisper: Spear.

[They take our Heroes to somewhere, and they went to the waterfall, and they went into the boat, they saw something shocking]

All: Ancient Yokai.

[Everyone saw them, even the Chief of the Ancient City and Lady Ubuena]

USApyon: Well, it's been great seeing you guys.

Jibanyan: USApyon, I just want you to know. I'm sorry about that Rocket Model I broke.

USApyon: So you're the.... Y-

Lady Ubuena: Behold, as the prophecies foretold the time of Judgment is now!

All: (Gasp)

Lady Ubuena: Citizen, did I not forget that the Warriors would come to us? My Lord, I am Lady Ubuena, the leader of the Keima. And a messenger of the Warriors.

Inumaro: Hi.

Chief: I am the Chief of the Ancient City. What Names we may called you?

Jibanyan: I'm Jibanyan.

Komasan: I am Komasan.

Fuyunyan: Names Fuyunyan.

Nekoniko: Nekoniko.

USApyon: USApyon.

Whisper: I'm Whisper.

Komajiro: Komajiro.

Inumaro: And I'm Inumaro.

Jibanyan: And they call us the Yokai Heroes!

Lady Ubuena: Your arrived has been greatly anticipated.

Chief: My lord, low long will you stay the City?

[Lady Ubuena saw the girl]

Lady Ubuena: Aha! I see you caught our thief! What should we do to punish her?

Blizzaria: No, no, no, no,no. You have been mistaken. I'm not a thief, the Warriors send me a message... To bring them tribute from the castle to guide them here. My only wish is to serve the Warriors.

USApyon: Release her, don't ya think, dani?

Lady Unbeuna: Take this back to where it belongs.

Chief: My lord, why now do you choose to come here?

Ladu Ubuena: Don't questions the Warriors!

Jibanyan: That's right! Don't question us! Or we shall unleashed spirit and terrible power! And you want to see it!

Lady Ubuena: Of course, we will!

Komasan: You do?

Laey Ubuena: Of course we do! Visit your wrath upon this nonbelievers, show us the truth and your devinity.

USApyon: Divinity. One moment please. Jibanyan, I have to say something to you, dani. You don't have one!

Jibanyan: Sorry, I got so excited.

Komajiro: Oh great!

Komasan: Maybe we should tell them the truth and get for mercy.

Inumaro: Are you insane? We'll be gone for good!

Fuyunyan: Yes, but they get suspicious.

Komasan: And if we don't come up with a cosmicevent.

[Then the Volcano is rumbling]

USApyon: We're trying, we're trying. But we got distracted by those people. You butler.

[Jibanyan slap him]

Jibanyan: Think. Think. Think. Think.

USApyon: I'm on the verge of- Stop!!!

[Then Volcano has stopped, much to everyone surprise]

Jibanyan: You don't want me to do it again?

[Everyone bow to them]

Lady Ubuena: Oh. Mighty Warriors. Come, let me show your estate.

Jibanyan: Alright, Estate.

[They went to the Estate of our Yokai Heroes]

Lady Ubuena: To commemorate your arrival, I propose a reverent ceremony at dawn.

Chief: An, then perhaps we should prepare a glorious feast for you tonight.

Lady Ubuena: Which will you prefer?

All: Both.

Jibanyan: Both is good.

Both: My lords.

[She and the Chief left the Estate]

Lady Ubuena: And so the dawn of the Keima. Happy New Year.

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