Here's how we see the assassins and the chase through Canterlot goes in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[We soon see a unicorn and pegasus on a balcony]

Pegasus: I hit the ship, but they've used a decoy.

Unicorn: Then will have to try something else, Neptune. My client is getting impatient. Take this. [hands her a tube with a Japanese Hornet inside of it] Be careful. It's a Japanese Hornet, one sting from it, it'll shut down your nervous system and destroy your tissue. And Neptune, no mistakes this time.

[Neptune nods as the pegasus walks away]

[back at the penthouse]

Brian: Alright, There's more than enough Royal Guards all around this building, so there's no chance of anyone getting in. Anything go on up here?

Chris: Nope, it's all quiet as a mouse. But to be truthful, I don't like just waiting for something to happen..

Brian: [looks at a view pod] Huh? What's going on? Why can't I see anything?

Chris: She covered the security cameras. I don't think she really liked anyone watching her.

Brian: What?! Has she gone insane?!

Chris: But she programmed BB-8 to warn us if anyone comes in.

[we view Sunset alseep in bed as BB-8 rolls back and fourth patroling the room]

Brian: There are other ways to kill a teenage girl.

Chris: I know that, Brian. But I do know that we're trying to catch the assassian too, right?

Sylveon: You're using her as bait.

Chris: It was her idea! But there's no need to worry, no harm can come to her. I can sense everything going on in that room. Trust me.

Sylveon: Even so, it's too risky.

Umbreon: And no offense, Chris. But your senses are otuned the like ours are.

Chris: And your's are?

Flareon: Theoretcally.

[we then view Neptune on the balcony of another building where she places the hornet tube into a pod droid that flies away]

[Chris then looks tired]

Lois: You look tired, Chris.

Chris: I don't sleep well, anymore.

Lois: Because of Marguerite?

Chirs: [nods] I have no clue why I keep dreaming of her.

Brian: Dreams can pass in time.

Chris: I'd rather have dreams involving Sunset. Just being near her agains is intoxicating.

Joltoen: (smirks) I Bet you wish to have a some "special" dreams about her too, don't you?

Leafoen: [smacks Jolteon]

Jolteon: Ow! What was that for?

Leafoen: Because you have a dirty mind!

[As they begin arguing the drone flies in and cuts a hole through the window, and out comes the hornet and the buzzing sound wakes up BB-8 and he shines his light all over the room. But nothing was there, and he shut himself down. But it then shows the hornet hiding under the bed and thinks Sunset is a threat and crawls up]

Chris: Besides, Barret doesn't know it.

Peter: Barret's the prince of Equestria.

[as they continue talking, the Hornet crawls up onto the sheets slowly crawls up Sunset's bed, up to her head]

Chris: Well, he's...

[then Chris looks towards the room]

Brian: I sense it too!

[they then race for the room, just as the Hornet is almost to Sunset's neck, when Chris races into the room and ignites her saber and he cuts the hornet in half, as its body flies across the room and lands near the wall.]

Sunset: [wakes up] Huh? What? Huh? What happened?

Brian: [looks at the window and sees the droid] Hey! [he then races towards the window and smashed through the glass and grabs on it]

Chris: Stay here! [extinguishes his lightsaber and races out of the room just as Sunrise, and the Human Mane 5 race in]

Human Rarity: Darling, are you okay?

[we then come back to Brian as the droid flies over the city]

[Then Chris hops into a speeder and flies away]

Peter: Hey, wait!

Lois: Left behind.

Peter: [groans as he leans his head down]

[the droid then flies alongside a building as Brian hits the side of it]

Brian: AH!

[then the droid flies in oncoming traffic of other cruisers]

Random driver: What the!? [swerves to avoid Brian.]

[More drivers swerve to avoid Brian as some of them yell at Brian, but not far behind, Chris continues his pursuit]

[Just then Neptune sees Brian on the droid through her googles and she then grabs a Blaster rifle shoots out the droid, and Brian plumments down]


[Neptune then hops in her speeder and flies away]

Brian: [continues falling as he screams]

Chirs: [notices Brian and then he flies underneath him and catches him]

Brian: What took you so long?

Chris: Oh, I couldn't find a speeder I liked.

Brian: There he is, straight ahead! Step on it!

[They chase Neptune and go above some tracks]

Brian: There he is. We got him now!

Chris: [laughs]

[Then the speeder makes a getaway as a Santa Fe diesel engine comes forward (blowing its horn)]

Brian: Whoa!

Chris: AH!

[They move away as the train passes by]

Brian: That was close!

Chris: Yeah. We'll be just like that guy you told us about, when you were with Joe Lamb and his friends, and they've experienced that train crash.

Brian: Oh, don't even go there!

Chris: Right, right, sorry. [continues flying foward as they continue their pursuit]

[Soon, Neptune manages to shake them off, as she fire some power couplings and goes through a tunnel, but then Chris turns a different direction]

Brian: Hey! He went that way!

Chris: Brian, if this chase keeps going that guy's gonna be dead meat! Mostly I wanna know who he is, and who he's working for. This is just a short cut. Hopefully.

[but when they reach the other side of the tunnel, there's no sign of Neptune.]

Brian: Oh great job, Chris! You lost him!

Chris: I'm sorry.

Brian: That was some shortcut, he went the other way, and now we're gonna have a hard ti..

Chris: If you excuse me. [jumps out]

Brian: I hate it when he does stupid things like that.

[Chris falls down for a while and then he lands on Neptune's speeder. As Neptune tries to shake him off, as he slides onto the front. Neptune then draws her Blaster pistol and tries to shoot Chris but he swings into the middle of the front, as Neptune tries shaking him off As Chris slides next to the cockpit]

Chris: Okay, you asked for it! [ignites his Lightsaber and stabs it through the windsheild]

Neptune: [tries shooting Chris again but misses every shot]

[Then Chris' saber slips from his grip and goes flying back, as Brian flies in and catches it]

Chris: You won't get away this easy! [he grabs Neptune's blaster and then makes her shot out the controls]

[the speeder then spins out of control and crashes into the streets as Chris hops off at the last second, and the speeder then skids forward and hits a fountain as Neptune gets out, and Chris chases her. Then Brian flies over and follows closely behind before landing, as Neptune runs into a dance club]

Brian: Chris!

Chris: She went into the dance club!

Brian: Calm yourself, Chris. Use the Force and think. [points to his head as he says it]

Chris: Sorry.

Brian: He went in there to hide, not to run.

Chris: Of course.

Brian: [holds out Chris' Lightsaber] And next time try not to lose this. Your Lightsaber is your life!

Chris: [takes it back and clips it on his belt] I Try, Brian.

Brian: This is why I'm considering of getting a new Padawan.

Chris: Don't so say that Brian, I'm almost a Jedi Knight.

Brian: Well try not to kill yourself.

[tjhey look around the club but don't see her]

Brian: Can you see him?

Chris: I think he, is actually a she

Brian: I see. [starts walking]

Chris: Hey, where you going?

Brian: To get a drink.

[as Chris looks around, Brian is drinking a beer]

Pegasus: Hey, you. You wanna a cigar?

Brian: [uses the Jedi mind trick] "You don't wanna sell cigars".

Pegasus: I don't wanna sell cigars.

Brian: [uses the Jedi mind trick] "You want to go home, right now."

Pegasus: I want to go home, right now. [leaves]

[but out from the shadows, Neptune slowly snucks up to Brian, as she slowly draws her blaster pistol, as Chris contiunes looking around and then she walks near the bar stand and just before Neptune can fire Brian ignites his saber and cuts off her blaster wielding hoof]

Neptune: TAH!! [falls back and grabs her arm]

[everyone else looks at them]

Brian: [extinguishes his saber and clips it back on his belt and then picks up Neptune.] Easy there.

Chris; [walks over] Jedi buisness, go back to your own buisness.

[Brian and Chris then carry Neptune outside]

Brian: Okay, do you know who you were killing?

Neptune: It was Sunset Shimmer.

Brian; And who hired you?

Neptune: It was just a job.

Chris: Who hired you? Tell us. [no reply grabs her scarf] TELL US NOW!!

Neptune: It was bounty hunter named....

[but then a dart hits Neptune in the neck]

[as Brian and Chris look over and see the unicorn from before turns on a jetpack and flies away]

Neptune: His name was.... Rog... [dies]

[Chris and Brian look at each other and Brian picks the dart out of Neptune's neck]

Brian: Poison dart. 

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