Here's how the attack goes in Return of Darth Sidious.

[Then we see the smaller ships flying down to earth and they land]

[we then go to Mucker's workshop and he's working on the laser turret's final adjustments]

Mucker: There! I got it!

[then there's a strange sound coming from outside]

[everyone around looks outside]

[then we see walkers and robots controlled by pilots!]

Princess Celestia: The empire has returned!

[TIE Fighters come in and fire]

Civilians: [running and screaming as they fighters draw fire]

[then the team races out, (with their weapons ready)]

[the fighters then turn towards them and fire at them]

[But then the planes appeared and they began to shoot down the TIE Fighters]

[the team then start deflecting the laser blasts and fire at the TIE Fighters]

[Then, Darth Vader is there!]

Princess Celestia: Darth Vader.

Darth Vader: Princess Celestia. It's been a while. Princess Luna, how have you been keeping?

Princess Luna: It's been a thousand years.

Darth Vader: And look at your daughter, she's now a full grown mare.

Princess Luna: Yes, back then she was younger. But you will not gonna do anymore evilness to her.

Darth Vader: [evil chuckles] Not as this is gonna be. [activates his lightsaber]

Yuna: [draws her Lightsaber and activates it]

[the 2 clash their sabers]

Darth Vader: Impressive. Most impressive.

Yuna: I've learned the ways of the force I grew up.

Darth Vader: Then you are unwise to lower your DEFENSES!

[they clash their sabers at different angles]

[they then clash their sabers again and push against each other but they still in the one angle]

Darth Vader: [breathing]

Yuna: [straining]

Darth Sidious: Night filly!

[they deactivate their lightsabers and see Darth Sidious walking up]

Yuna: [gasps]

Darth Sidious: Nice to see you! [zaps her]

Yuna: AAH!!

Princess Luna: YUNA!!

Hiccup: [races in and blocks the Force Lightning with his lightsaber]

Darth Sidious: Foolish viking! [Force throws him]

Hiccup: WHOA!!! [he hits the ground] UH!

Astrid: Hiccup!

Darth Sidious: [evil laughs] Away with them! (he then picks up the other with the Force and throws them up and away]


Rainbow: YOU JERK!!

Darth Sidious: Quiet! [zaps her]

Rainbow: GAAHH!!!

Anna: STOP!! Can't at least show a little mercy here?!

Darth Sidious: There is no mercy. [zaps the royals, Mane 6, Blythe, and the godmothers]

Royals, Mane 6, Blythe, and the godmothers: [yelling in pain]

Darth Sidious: Do not worry, I'm not going to kill you. I have other plans for you. [cackles as he continues zapping them]

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