This is how the battle between good and evil goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle: Mask of Light.


Ryan Tokisaki: Wait here, Hali.


Takanuva: You and your allies can no longer hide in shadow.

Riannuva: That's right.

Makuta: [voice] We are shadow. The shadow that guards the gate. Now, give Sunset to me and run along. Or accept your doom.

Takanuva: We are done running.

Riannuva: Mata Nui will be awakened to this day.

Crash Bandicoot: Hali! Summon the Matoran.

Hali: It's done. [runs off]

Ryvine Sparkle: Ryan and the NEXO Toa Knight of Light.

Makuta: And the Toa of light.

Master Xehanort: How brave are you.

Makuta: But, at heart. You and the NEXO Toa are still just Takua and Rianna. The Prime-Princess.

Romeo (PJ Masks): You failed to save your sister and Jala. 

Tirek: You didn't warn them eather. 

Kaos: Maybe for you big downfall. 

Makuta: A simple game of Koli. Win and you and your friends try to open the gate. When you loss. I'll have that mask and Sunset Shimmer on my side. 

Sunset Shimmer: I will never join you.

Ryan Tokisaki: So here is the deal, Makuta. If you and your team win, I will surrender Sunset and Ryan to you. But, if you lose. You will be destroyed by my two friends.

Master Xehanort: Deal.

Riannuva: We will not [unsheathes her sword] lose.

Takanuva: Yeah. [does the same]

Ryvine Sparkle: Ready for round 2, Prime?

[The ball flies up. Crash and Cortex jump up and Crash gets the ball]

Crash Bandicoot: Batter up!

[Crash throws the ball at Makuta but, Cortex catches it and fires at Riannuva and it missed]

Riannuva: That was close.

Lunakuta: We have waited a long time for this.

Ryan F-Freeman: Come on!

[a ball flies up. Ryan and Makuta jump and Ryan hooks the ball. Ryan swings his Keyblade and tosses the ball at Makuta]

Meg Griffin:

[She pulls out her Dark Oathkeeper Keyblade and destroys the ball]

Lunakuta: Still running, Toa?

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