Here's how the beginning of the story goes in Snowdrop's Grand Adventure: The Search for Primrose.

[The film begins with the 20th Century Fox logo, followed by the DreamWorks logo, then the Hasbro logo as "Tryouts" starts playing]

[The film opens up with Snowdrop walking down the lane]

Snowdrop: [narrating] My name is Snowdrop. I live in Equestria. My mother, "Primrose" was killed by a Monstrous Nightmare a long time ago. But I was adopted by the Princess of the Night: "Princess Luna" and her spouse, "Hiro, the Japanese engine". But he speaks english, and I became the younger sister of "Princess Yuna". And you may wondering why my eyes are fuzzy, well it's because I was born blind and lots of fillies and colts don't let me fit in. But I was let in by some new friends, and one day me, Yuna, and my friends made incredible discovery. The Isle of Berk, and made new friends with Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. And we had made new friends to, dragons!

[We then see the riders flying on their dragons in the skies]

Snowdrop: [narrating] Yuna has a Night Fury name, "Nightstar" and Hiccup has one to named, "Toothless". And I have 2, an Iceflyer named "Frostlord" and a young Terrible Terror, named "Eaglesight". He helps me with my vision. And now, Primrose visits me in spirit. And now, our real adventure is about to begin....

[It shows the title of the film]

[we now see Snowdrop and her dragons playing hide and seek]

Snowdrop: I know you're here.

[the camera then pans up where we see Eaglesight hanging from a branch]

Snowdrop: Guys?

[we see Frostlord is hiding behind a tree]

Snowdrop: You 2 can't hide forever!

[Then Eaglesight pounces on Snowdrop and licks her]

Snowdrop: [laughing]

[then Forstlord steps out from his hiding spot]

Snowdrop: Okay, okay! Guys, you got me.

???: Snowdrop!

[Snodrop looks to the side and we see Primrose (spirit) coming]

Snowdrop: Mother!

Primrose: Snowdrop, how are things?

Snowdrop: Good.

Primrose: Come with me.

[She takes her to a cliff slide that has a good view of the harizon]

Snowdrop: [uses her force vision] Wow! It's beautiful!

Primrose: My mother used to take me here when I was your age.

Snowdrop: I wish I could see her, if she was, she would be my grandmother.

Primrose: That's right.

Snowdrop: What does she look like?

Primrose: She was a pegasus like you and me, and she is kind and sweet-hearted. And... [then she begins to fade]

Snowdrop: What? What else?

Primrose: I'm going. But before I do, that's something I want you to remember.

Snowdrop: What is that it?

Primrose: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think," [kisses her] Goodbye. [fades away]

Snowdrop: Mother.... [starts crying]

[But soon her dragons comfort her. Howver, they're being watched by body heat.]

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