This is a scene how Dusty had a best night ever in Dusty and the Grand Galloping Gala.

Soarin': Ready?

Dusty: Ready! (takes off) Oh yeah!

Spitfire: Come on! Show Canterlot what Crophopper can do!

Dusty: Whoo!

(All the way from the lybrary)

Twilight: Hey, Look at this! Dusty's flying with the Wonderbolts!

Rainbow Dash: Awesome!

Scootaloo: Wow! Go, Dusty, go!

Ishani: You can do it, Dusty.

(Wonderbolts do a fireworks like trick as Dusty flies through the middle rings)

Dusty: Awsome!

(After Dusty lands)

Skipper: Amazing, Dusty.

Dusty: Thanks.

Princess Celestia: Well done, Dusty!

Dusty: Celestia? Luna?

Princess Celestia: That was the best Grand Galloping Gala ever!

Princess Luna: Best Night Ever!

Dusty: Thanks, Celestia and Luna!

Thomas: Wow!

Twilight Sparkle: Dusty had a wonderful night!

Duck: I say he must've had a splendid time!

Shining Armor: Duck's right!

Princess Cadance: Even got some praise from Luna and Celestia.

Cool McCool: You know. It's bedtime.

Apple Bloom: (yawns) Ah' am tired.

Spike: Me too.

(back at the Gala)

Dusty: Thank you for coming with me, Skipper.

Skipper: My pleasure, thanks for inviting me.

Dusty: That was the Best Night EVER!

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