Here is when Ami Kusanagi was born in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

[inside the room]

Erica: [breathing deeply]

Godou: Keep breathing, Erica. You're doing great.

Kotori: You're doing fine.

Shaggy: That's it.

Star: Keep going!

Tish: It's a girl!

Baby girl: [crying]

Erica: Let me see her.

[Reine gives her the baby]

Reine: Guys, you can come in now.

[They did]

Yoshinon: She's so cute.

Lor: She looks like you, Erica.

Phoebe: Aww! What an adorable baby!

Sonic: It's so awesome!

Shaggy: this is cool, right Scoob?

Scooby: Yeah.

Serena: What are you gonna call her?

Erica: I think I want to call her; Ami.

Godou: That's a nice name. "Ami".

Tino: May I see her?

Erica: Of course, Tino. [gives her to Tino]

Tino: Hey there little fella. [hands her back]

Penny: [looking out in the open]

Shido: Penny?

Penny: Sherman is dead! All because of that stupid head, Kurumi!

Tohka: [races over] Penny, take it easy!

Penny: "Take it easy?" HOW CAN I TAKE IT EASY WHEN MY BEST FRIEND IS DEAD?! [starts tearing up] It's all my fault, I should've saved him. And now, I've lost him. I may never see him again. [crying]

Tino: Don't worry, I'll heal him, I'd promise.

Penny: I hope so. 

Mana: Well, let's go back with Optimus.