This is where the other pets pursue Burke and Blair in the Pizza Planet Truck in The Great Dog Caper.

Penny Ling: How are we gonna get them now?

Winona: Pizza, anyone?

[the camera then zooms to the left and we see a parked Pizza Planet truck]

Vinnie Terrio: Now we're talkin'!

Pepper Clark: Go, go, go!

Timber: Wait. Toy Dusty, you coming?

Toy Dusty: No, I'm gonna go back to the scrap yard and tell Ishani the good news. [takes off] See ya!

Timber: Farewell.

Vinnie Terrior: Anyone know how ta drive?

Pepper Clark: [closes door] Winona, Penny Ling, take the petals. Sunil, Falcon, Owlicous, you guys navigte. Minka, help me steer. Everyone else, operate all the other controls.

Angel: [turns on the air]

Penny Ling: Whoa!

Sunil Nevla: They are at red light! We can catch them!

Pepper Clark: Step on it, Winona!

Winona: [pushes the gas petal]

[but the truck doesn't move]

Sunil Nevla: AH! It turned green! Hurry!

Pepper Clark: Why aren't we moving?!

Splinter: It's not in gear! Penny, press the clutch petal!

Penny Ling: [does so]

Chomper: Angel, pull that stick behind you forward!

Angel: [does so]

[the truck takes off, hitting another vehicle in the process]

Vinnie Terrio: WHOA!!

[they hit some traffic cones]

Pepper Clark: Sunil, wich way?

Sunil Nevla: Left! No, wait! I mean right! Right! No, left!

Falcon: Pepper, they're turning left! Go left!

[Pepper turns the wheel from the bottom as Minka turns from the top]

Minka Mark: Whoo! [when they stop turning] WHEE!!

Sunil Nevla: Go right! To the right! RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT!!

[They took a right]

[the beavers roll down the seat and bump into Opal]

Splinter: Sorry, Opal.

Opal: I'm fine.

[they continue chasing the tugs and soon they reach the airport]

PA: The white zone is for immeddite loading and unloading, no parking.

[the truck speeds in and then stops]

Minka Mark: Guys, we can't park the truck here. It's a white zone!

Falcon: Look, there they are!

[We see Burke and Blair]

Whiffle: How do we get inside?

PA: Final boarding for Flight 56 to Venece, Italy. All confirmed passengers board at this time.

Russel Ferguson: [sees something] I have an idea.

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