Here's how the car chase goes in Tino's Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Knuckles: [sees something] Guys! You need to see this.

[Cars are driving up]

Tessa: Dad!

[The cars gets closer]

[Cade and Lucas come out of the barn, the cars stop and Savoy and his squad come out]

Savoy: Mr. Yeager, my name is James Savoy. I'm a federal agent. My men and I are tracking down an abandoned truck.

[Some of the group come to the house]

Savoy: It's a nice spread you got here. Too bad she's for sale.

Cade: Well, thanks. She's not. That the truck you mean?

Savoy: Afraid not. You know, Mr. Yeager, we received a call from someone concerned about this truck.

Lucas: Oh, no.

Savoy: That wasn't you?

Cade: Only thing I'm concerned about is you being on my property without permission. You know we got a rule about people messing with people from Texas. And I don't know what truck you're talking about.

Savoy: The kind that coast American lives. Search the property!

[The crew does so]

Cade: What do you mean "Search the property"? You don't have a warrant. My face is my warrant.

Lucas: Wait. But if you guys do find a truck, we get a reward, right?

Pilot: [on radio] Viper 15 holding, point alpha.

[The drones start searching]

Agent: Charlie team, hold tight.

Agent: Lock it down.

[Some soilders come in the barn, when the robot dog barks]

Agent: What the heck it that?

Agent: Just some dumb inventor.

[Back outside] [Soilders wait, while a car drives up]

[Inside the barn]

Black soilder: Let's go. There's nothing here.

[Soilders continue searching]

Black Soilder: No signs. We got nothing.

Soilder: Sir, we have a live armed missile in the trash.

Lucas: Live? I carried that to the trash! You told me that was a dude, dude! I could be dead. Right?

Cade: Look. Okay, yes, I found the truck, all right. I towed it back for the parts. I left it here last night. This morning, it's gone. When, where, I don't know I swear to God! That's how much as I know about him.

Attinger: Him. [throws an apple] He said "Him". He knows where that idiot is!

Savoy: Mr. Yeager.

Cade: What?

Savoy: Excuse me. [takes off his glasses] You just said "Him". Take him down.

Cade: What?

Tessa: Ow! Hey let me go!

Cade: They don't know about the truck! I know! Just let her go!

Savoy: What kind of a man betrays his flesh and blood brethren for alien metal? Get this guy out of my sight.

Tino: [voice only] Hey! What's going on?

[our heroes come out but just to where they can't be seen]

Shaggy: What are they doing?

Carver: I'll see. [pulls out his binoculars] [to Shido] Levitate my binoculars towards them

Shido: [leviatates Carver's binoculars to the commotion]

Cade: Let her go! They don't know about the truck!

Savoy: All right, load up, search the perminator!

Tessa: Lucas, you called, didn't you?

Lucas: No! I don't know any of these scary guys!

Tessa: Oh, God! You're manhandling a woman! I'll kick your tail!

Cade: Let her go! [gets thrown down]

Tessa: Daddy!

Cade: Let me go!

Solder: You're not going anywhere.

Tessa: Daddy!

Lucas; No! You're not taking me anywhere! I'm an American! [but is thrown down]

Soldier: Easy, sweetheart! [puts rifle on Lucas' back]

Lucas: Alright. Okay. All right. I was wrong.

Attinger: Savoy. Use the girl.

Tessa: Oh, my God! [thrown on wagon]

Savoy: kneels down and cocks his pistol] Now, you got ten seconds. Where's the truck?

Cade: You're gonna shoot my little girl?

Savoy: If I have to.

Tessa: Please don't shoot me! Please!

Cade: Look, I don't know.  I told you everything that I know! He's gone! He left, he was in the barn, I swear to God! Just let her go!

Tessa: Please! Please!

Shido: [watching it from Carver's binoculars] (gasp) THEY'RE USING TESSA AS BAIT!!

Chris: WHAT!!

Kat: [gasp] What are we gonna do guys?

Cade: He was in there! Let her go!

Savoy: Seven seconds.

Cade: I'm telling you the truth! He was in there!

Tessa: Dad!

Cade: Tell him to get away from my little girl, now!

Tessa: [crying] Dad!

Cade: You touch her and I'll kill you!


Savoy: You got two seconds.

Attinger: I need the truth.

Tessa: Please.

Savoy: Shoot her.

Tessa: [crying]

[Optimus comes out of hiding and comes out]

Optimus: Here I am! [fires iron blaster]

Riruru: Attack!

[our heroes race out and fire their weapons]

Cade: Get down!

Optimus: Cade! They're going to kill you! Get out of here!

[Lockdown is firing rockets]

Soldier: Push right! Headed to the house!

[Then gets hit in the face by a tire]

Shane: Come on! Hurry up! Get in the car, let's go!

Tessa: Daddy! Get in the car! [they get in and speed away (with our heroes)]

Savoy: Perimeter, Optimus moving your way!

[rockets fire but miss Optimus, and we see Lockdown driving

Tails: We've got to cover for those civilians!

[then Ms. Frizzle and her class appear]

Phoebe: Hello, fellas.

Ace: Ms. Frizzle!

Shaggy: Guys!

Ralphie: Looks like we came here, just in time!

Tino: Lets hurry!

[Back with Cade and the others]

Shane: What's happening, baby? Who are they?

Tessa: It's the truck! They want the truck!

Cade: "Who are they?" Who are you, and who are you calling, "baby"?

Shane: [doesn't say anything]

Cade: I know you herd me.

Shane: I'm her boyfriend!

Tessa: He's my boyfriend!

Cade: WHAT?! You're not her boyfriend!

Tessa: His name's Shane, and he drives, Dad!

[The chase continues]

Lucas: What kind of cars, are those? There so scary!

[the chase continues on]

Cade: There's another one coming up the back! You gotta trey to lose them in the cornfield!

[They went in the cornfield. While the 2 other cars go in. And they rammed them]

Cade: He's coming up behind us, go!

Helicopter pilot: Viper 15, running on fumes. RTB.

[They ramed there a wooden fence]

Cade: They've got us cornerd!

[They made a dust, while one of the bad cars hit a tree. And the chase continues in the city. As "Train escape (from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron)" plays]

Shane: Mr. Yeager, this is not how I wanted us to meet, okay? My name is Shane, and I'm a completely...

Cade: And I am not talking to you! Drive the car!

[2 police cars rolled up]

Cade: Watch out, watch out!

[They moved aside while 2 cars hit a truck]

Agent on radio: Throw 'em some warning shots!

[Gatling gun fires]

Noby: Oh, get back! [drives faster]

Shane: Man, I don't know how I'm driving this good. It's like today, I've gone to a whole other level!

Cade: Road, focus! Stop talking!

Tessa: Shane, look out!

[They went throw a lot]

Lucas: This may be parentally my fault, okay? They said they were gonna send a check! I don't know they were gonna send a death squad!

[Lockdown chases Optimus]

Shane: Hang on!

[They went through a restaurant]

Lucas: We lost them! Good job, stranger from the cornfields!

[Soon we them coming towards Lockdown and Optimus fight[

Lucas: The scary cars are back.

Tessa: Lose them at the factory, Shane!

[They took a left. While Optimus and Lockdown fight

Cade: I thought you knew how to drive this thing, go!

[They broke through a fence]

Lucas: I don't think we're gonna get that money, doesn't seem like it.

Optimus: [hangs Lockdown] Guys! [jumps in and slams some of the cars]

Tessa: Take 'em up stairs!

[They went in a building]

Shane: We're loosing them on the fifth floor.

Tessa: Do that thing, Shane!

Shane: You know it.

Cade: What do you mean? What thing?

Shane: What we're about to do is, kinda scary. [drives faster]

Savoy: Take out your guns, and shoot them!


Lucas: There shooting at us!

Shane: Tessa, grab my stick! Grab my stick!

Cade: What?

Shane: She's got the best hands in business. Ready, Tess. Pull!

[Tessa does so]

[They drives up and ramp, out a window and the last car crashes]

Lucas: Yeah!

Cade: Tessa! You are so grounded!

Shane: Shoot! The rim's cracked!

[Optimus drives up]

Cade: Optimus. Come on, move, move!

Lucas: My foot's stuck! Wait, Cade!

Tessa: Lucas!

Lucas: Wait, wait!

Cade: Lucas! Lucas, above you!

Lockdown: [throws his grenade]

Cade: Run! [they run in slow moon, but Lucas was turned into metal!]

Shane: Come on, get in, let's go!

Attinger: [on walkie talckie] "I bet you wish, you could see my face right now". [throws a phone]

Lockdown: [looks at Lucas. Then transforms and drives away]

[We see Optimus driving]

Tessa: Lucas, we just left him?

Cade: He's gone.

[Optimus stops at a gas station while the family hops out. And Optimus transforms]

Optimus: My deepest sympathies for the loss of your friend. Stay here, till I'm sure we weren't followed. We are all targets now. [transforms and drives away]

Shane: So we're hiding out now? That's the plan? We're tacking orders from a truck?

Tino: For your information, he's not a truck. He's our friend.

Cade: Well, you got a better idea? [sees him holding Tessa] Hey, move away from her, kid. Don't... keep your hands off her. All right? No.

[Back with Savoy]

Attinger: You got your butt kicked by a garage inventor from Texas. That goes on your resume. Yeah, it goes on all of yours, too!

Savoy: Do I look like I'm in the mood for any of your stuff today?

Attinger: Washington thinks we were chasing a Decepticon target, but our story falls apart if we don't find this Yeager family first.

Savoy: Yeah, well, what if he goes to the cops or the FBI?

Attinger: They know to hand him over. His world as he knows it it gone.

Captain Hook: We've got other plans [whispers to Dr. Eggman]

Dr. Eggman: That's a great idea, Hook. Besides Tino and his friends will never know what hit them.