Here is how the conference and the law is passed in Equestria Civil War.

(Canterlot Castle)

(we see ponies and other royals filling up the meeting room)

Nighlock(in tuxedo):(walks in and up to Shining Armor) Shining Armor. Glad you're here.

Shining Armor: You too. So, representing the Mutant Republic?

Nighlock: Someone has to.

Shadowcat: But he's not alone.

Princess Cadence: Kitty.(hugs her) Love your dress by the way.

Shadowcat: Thanks. How's Skyla?

Princess Cadence: She's doing good. How are Jess and James?

Shadowcat: They're fine as well.

Announcer: Attention everyone. Please take your seats, this meeting is now in session.

(cut to Celestia giving her speech)

Princess Celestia: Citizens of Equestria. I call you all here today for one reason.

[she pulls out the Reformed Villains Accords]

Princess Celestia: Some of you in this room believe that Twilight Sparkle has been too soft on any and every villain who has ever been reformed. The solution is right here.

[she pulls out the Accords]

Princess Celestia: The Reformed Villain Accords will ensure that any and every former villain is kept in check.

Shadowcat:(stands up) I object.

[everyone turns to her]

Shadowcat: Are you people seriously going to follow her on this one. Don't you people see how wrong it is. All because Starlight Glimmer made one little mistake.

Chief Thunderhooves: I disagree with the law as well, Mrs. Tavary.

Princess Celestia: And how many people have you killed, Agent Tavary?

Nighlock:(bangs his fist on the table and gets up) That's out of the topic here! You're changing the subject!

Shadowcat: He only kills people when he has to! So back off!

Princess Celestia: Starlight's mistake resulted in 26 ponies injured.

Nighlock: Haven't you heard the term, "Innocent people get hurt all the time"?

Princess Celestia: Citizens of Equestria, I beg you to see reason. Do not forget how Discord betrayed us for Tirek.

Nighlock: And also don't forget, that he was betrayed by Tirek, which completely reformed him. The future isn't always truly set.

Random Royal: I say we sign these Accords into law.

Penn Zero: Agreed.

Apploosan Sheriff: Why should we trust them verments?

Princess Celestia: All in favor of the law?

(Everyone, minus Thunderhooves, SA, Cadence, Sunburst, Nighlock, and Kitty, raise their hands)

Princess Celestial: Then it is decided. The Reformed Villains Accords will be passed into law.

[angered, Thunderhooves stormed out, while, SA, Cadence, and Kitty walk out sadly]

Nighlock:(applauds mockingly) Well done, Celestia.(in Discord's voice) Harmony in Eaquestria is dead.

(everyone stares at him in shock as he leaves)

Princess Celestia: Then you are no longer welcome here.

Nighlock: Believe me, traitor, I will fight this law.

(he telekinetically closes the doors behind him)

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