This is how The discovery of Thunderwing goes in The Attack of Thunderwing.

[We view the Mane Six looking at the unconscious Thunderwing, half buried in the Dark Energon meteor with his head, torso, and right arm sticking out]




Pinkie Pie:

Rainbow Dash:

[They tap Thunderwing's finger]

Twilight Sparkle: Girls! Get back! He's dangerous!

[Thunderwing whacks the Mane Five away from him and turns to Twilight]

Thunderwing: Death to the Element of Magic!

[Thunderwing brings his fist down on Twilight, but she dodges out of the way]

Twilight Sparkle: No. It can't be.

Ranyx: We can't let Tirek get hold of this monster. It has to be destroy here. Give me a sec and destroy him.

Thunderwing: [laughs evilly]

Twilight Sparkle: Are you one of Unicron's followers?

Ranyx: Guys, it's pointless to try and reason with him.

Thunderwing: I am Thunderwing. Release me immediately!

Tirek: I am Lord Tirek.

Thunderwing: Your name means nothing tome ! I exist only to destroy the Element of Magic! Release me so that I may find its wielder and complete my mission!


Thunderwing: HA! You, repair me? You cannot even comprehend how long have I existed. The technology of my construction is beyond your grasp.

Tirek: Well. Ryvine can fix you because he's your master's student.

Thunderwing: So be it. But understand this, Tirek. Once the Element of Magic is gone, my loyalty will return to my one true master, Unicron the Destroyer!

Tirek: Oh. Is that so? We'll just see about that.

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