This is where the team find the downed Night Fury in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle show How to Train Your Dragon.

[we now see Hiccup and the team searching for the dragon he got but he then crosses off a part of the map and then scribbles on it before shutting the book and putting it in his coat]

Hiccup: Oh, the gods hate me. Some people lose their knife or their mug. No, not me. I manage to lose an ENTIRE DRAGON?!

Rarity: I hope that if we do find the dragon it's good as dead!

Hiccup: [swats a branch but then it slaps him in the face back] OW!

Steamy: Hey, look at the tree!

[they notice the tree has been knocked down and then they see a skid trail in front of them.]

{Slowly they follow it and then look over a small hill and see the Night Fury]

Hiccup: (gasp) [hides back down]

Pinkie: Holy moly, you really did hit it!

Hiccup: [steps up from the hill and heads up to the dragon, while he takes out his knife]

Mrs. Calloway: Step lively, dragons can be extremely hostile.

Hiccup: Oh, wow. I did it. Oh, I did it! This fixes everything! Yes! I have brought down this mighty beast! [steps on it but the Night Fury nudges him away] Whoa!

Mako: [as Tuck] It lives!

Hiccup: [looks at the dragon for a moment but then holds his knife in a stabbing fashion] I'm going to kill you, dragon. I'm gonna cut out your heart and take it to my father. I'm a Viking. I am a VIKING! [the then holds up his knife again]

Rainbow: Come on, Hiccup. Kill it!

Rarity: Do it! DO IT!!! KILL THAT BRUTE!!!

Hiccup: [looks at the dragon as he holds up his knife and then sees the fear in the dragon's eyes, but still holds up his knife.]

Applejack: What y'all waitin' fer'? Kill him!

Hiccup: [then tries to but can't find the heart to do it and then looks at the dragon] I did this. [he then goes to walk away but then he looks back at the dragon]

[The Night Fury opens his eyes to the sound of cutting]

[Hiccup begins cutting the ropes that bind the Night Fury.]

Pinkie: [gasp]

Twilight: Hiccup, what are you doing?!

Rarity: Don't cut him loose, he'll eat you and then us!

[Hiccup then cuts one last rope and the the Night Fury pounces on him and pins him on a rock]

[the situation is now reversed: Hiccup is clearly afraid and the dragon stares intently into his eyes for several moments.]

Pinkie: This is it, the Night Fury's gonna eat Hiccup! And then it's gonna eat us!

[the dragon then rears it's head back as Hiccup prepares for the worst.]

Fluttershy: [covers her eyes] I can't look.

[But instead of killing him, the dragon roars in Hiccup's face. And then takes off]

Hiccup: [breaths heavily and then turns to walk away but drops his knife and then faints]

Rarity: [faints]

[everyone else is confused on the other hand]

Twilight: Why didn't that dragon kill him?

Duke: I dunno.