This is how Brian and Chris' duel continues on and where Chris is subdued in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[we return to Coruscant, back to Brian and Chris' duel as they go on a pipe and clash sabers at furious speeds as they keep their balence, as we sideswipe to Luna sneaking into a secret passage as she turns on her comlink]

Princess Luna: Hiro. I need a pick up! But be careful as you come. But please hurry!

Hiro: I'm on my way, just activate your homing beacon!

[we then see several Clones searching the area, as a few meet up with Ernie.]

Clone Equine Commander: There's no sign of her body.

Ernie: Then she still lives. Find her! I want her alive!

Clone Equine Commander: Yes sir!

Ernie: Ready my ship.

Clone Equine Trooper: Yes, my lord.

Ernie: I sense Darth Griffon isn't on Kamino.

[we return to Corusant as Brian and Chris are now on a bridge still clashing sabers as they are are walking down it. As they both grab each others' hands and strain against each other but then they notice the bridge starts to shake and it snaps! As Brian and Chris then grab onto the bridge as it begins to slide. Then they jump up and land on the platform]

[we then return to Luna who activates her homing beacon, as she opens up a doorway, then Hiro's shuttle appeara below]

Hiro: Jump on, Luna!

Princess Luna: [leaps down and lands into the shuttle] Head for Kamino! We must stop the Clones from advancing!

Hiro: Right.

[the shuttle flies away as we return to Chris and Brian's battle as they continue clashing sabers until they breifly pause]

Brian: I've failed you Chris! I have failed!


Brian: Chris! Ernie is evil!



Chris: This is the end for you, master! [he jumps in the air and prepares to strike Brian down but he gets stunned by someone, as he then drops to the ground out, as his saber extinguishes]

Brian: [looks in surprise, and then he looks up and we see a Blaster pistol smoking as the camera pans over and we see the shooter is Sunset Shimmer]

Sunset Shimmer: (panting) I.. I had to. I couldn't let him die.

Brian: [extinguishes his Lightsaber and clips it back on his belt as he looks at Chris] YOU WERE A JEDI KNIGHT!!! WE'RE SUPPOSE TO WORK TOGETHER TO DESTROY THE SITH, NOT JOIN THEM!! TO BRING BALANCE TO FORCE, NOT LEAVE IT DARKNESS!!!

Sunset Shimmer: You were my husband, Chris! I loved you!

[Then there was a beeping noise and Vinny appears on a hologram]

Vinny: Brian, we need you on Kamino!

Brian: We'll be right there. BB-8, stand a guard for Chris if he wakes up.

BB-8: [uses his lightsaber to give a thumbs-up]

Brian: Come on, we have to get to Kamino!

[Brian and Sunset then race out of the building and hop into the shuttle]

Sunset: K-2, head for Kamino!

K-2SO: Right away!

[The ship takes off and jumps into hyperspace]