Here's how the execution arena and the big cool battle goes in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[we then sideswipe to a big arena where we see Chris and Sunset in charriot with cuffs on]

Chris: Don't be afraid.

Sunset: I'm not afraid of dying. I've dying to see you, eversince you came back.

Chris: What?

Sunset: I love you.

Chris: You love me? I thought we decided not to fall in love. That we would be forced to live a lie, and that it would destroy our lives.

Sunset: I think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. But the truth is, I truely, deeply love you. Before we go, I wanted you to know.

[the 2 kiss and then the chariot is brought out into the arena, where already chained to a concrete colum is Blythe Baxter, as Sunset and Chris brough to their own concrete posts, Sunset secretly pulls a hairpin from her hair and hides it in her selve]

Blythe Baxter: I was beginning to think you didn't get my message.

Chris: I transmitted it to Canterlot just like you asked. Then we decided to come and save you.

Blythe Baxter: [sarcastically] Good work.

[then on the top platform, the Nightmares, Sixth, Rogue and Leo come to watch]

Poggle: Settle down! Settle down!

[It's quiet]

Poggle: Let the execution begin!

[Then out 3 cages emerge a Triceratops, Carnotaurus, and Saber-Tooth Tiger]

[but as one of the bugs zaps the saber-tooth, the Saber-tooth pounces him and then kills him]

Chris: I've got a bad feeling about this.

[but as the 3 animals are approaching, Sunset manages to pick the locks on her cuffs and frees one of her hands.]

Blythe Baxter: Just relax and concentrate.

Chris: What about Sunset?

Blythe Baxter: She seem to be on top of things.

[Chris looks at Sunset's colum and notices she's climbed up to the top]

[Then the Carnotaur comes to Blythe and accidently sets her free]

[The Triceratops then charges towards Chris but he leaps up and it crashes into the pillar, as Chris hops onto it and wraps the chain around its horn, which breaks loose]

[The Saber Tooth Tiger then starts to try and climb the pillar with Sunset on it, as she starts whipping it with the chain but thne it slashes at her back]

Sunset: AAGH!!

Trixie: [snikering]

[The Carnotaurus is now trying to stamp onto Blythe, but she avoids each stamp, as Chris rides the trike but then he falls off and gets dragged]

Chris: WHOA!!!

[Sunset then hangs on the chain and leaps forward swing around the pillar and kicks the Saber-tooth off]

Suri Polomare: Hey! She can't do that!

Starlight Glimmer: Someone shoot her already! Or do something!

[Sunset then climbs back up her pillar as the Carnotaurus headbutts the pillar, which breaks loose, as Blythe barrelrolls out of the way, but then she's chased by the Carno]

[As the Triceratops then stops to catch its breath. Then one of the bugs charges Blythe but she grabs his spear and throws him off]

[As the Triceratops stands still, Chris slowly approaches it, as the Saber-Tooth circles around the pillar as Sunset picks the lock on her other cuff. Then Blythe smacks the bug with his spear]

[Chris then gets closer to the trike as he then jumps onto it back and then throws the chain around its neck]

Chris: Okay, hiya!

[the trike takes off running]

[Blythe then uses the spear to fight the Carnoturus as Sunset gets frees the cuffs from her hands as Chris rides the Trike in and it kills the Saber-Tooth tiger]

Chris: Sunset, jump!

[Sunset then lleaps from the pillar and onto the trike as she kisses Chris' cheek]

Chris: Giddy up!

[the trike runs off again as Blythe continues fighting the Carno, as she then stabs it in the neck, but the Carno simply bites it and breaks it in half]

Blythe Baxter: Bad idea. [runs]

[the Triceratops then runs by and Blythe hops onto to it]

Starlight Glimmer: This isn't how it's suppose to go! Rogue, finish them already!

King Sombra: Piatence, Glimmer. They will die.

[Several droidekais then rool in and sorround the 3]

[but in the shadows a figure approaches the villains and then a saber ignites as a green blade appears over Rogue's neck, revealing to be Brian]

Nightmare Moon: Brian Grffin, how nice of you to join us.

Brian Griffin: The party's over.

[then several more of our heroes and Jedi appear and all ignite their Lightsabers as all Bugs then retreat]

King Sombra: Nice, but... I'm afraid you're outnumbered.

Brian: That's what you think.

Nightmare Moon: You'll see. 

[Brian turns around and there were super battle droids and they blast at Brian, even though he repels the attacks. Then Rogue fires his flamethrower but Brian avoids it by jumping into the arena]

[Then several battle droids come racing in as all Jedi charge them and start fighting them, As the Pets then leap onto the Trikie's back and free Blythe and Chris of their cuffs as Blythe then draws her bac-up saber from the back of her belt, as Chirs is toosed a green saber, and the 2 ignite the sabers. Then as the droids continue marching in one the one with Buzz's body is with them]

Droid: This isn't right! I'm using the wrong body!

[Then a canon fires which makes some Jedi run, but startles the Triceratops. But Soon Blythe joins in the battle and Chris, but Sunset blasts down a bug on a carnage, and Chris sees it. And he runs towards her and hops on and together they destroy droids and Leo watches. Then more droids, K-2SO in his battle droid body, Little Bear, and his friends enter the battlefield]

Owl: Hoo! My goodness!

Duck: It's a battlefield!

Buzz: Oh, no! This is a mistake! I'm program to take care of people, not destroy things!

Emily: What are we gonna do?

Little Bear: I've got an idea. Maybe if we act like droids, they won't shoot us!

[Then Brian kills some droids, and repels a blasting attack and hits a droid. Then Blythe comes up behind him, and they kill droids together. Then the droid with Buzz's body is firing at Dudley, but he repels the attack and a blasting shot knocks off the droids' head. As Brian and Blythe kill droids, the Triceratops charges right at them]

Blythe: Look out! [she dodges it. but chases Brian]

[Then Rogue flies in the air, as Brian cuts off one of the Triceratop's horns and looses his lightsaber. Rogue lands on the battle field and tries to get Brian's lightsaber, but Brian force grabs it. Then the Triceratops charges at Rogue and he gets tangled over by it, when it attempts to charge at him again. Rogue shoots him in the eye and kills the dinosaur, but then he dies when trying to kill Brian by decapitation! This shocks Nightmare Moon & King Sombra, and Leo watches in horror of his father's death]

[But the battle soon rages on]

Cat: Die you Jedi dogs! [gasps] What did I say?

[Just then Buzz fires at Belle, but misses]

Buzz: Oh, dear! I am terribly sorry about this!

[But Belle force pushes him and Buzz fires at a droid that falls on him]

Little Bear: Buzz!

[They run over to him]

Emily: Are you alright?

Buzz: No! I am not alright! I'm trapped, and I can't get up!

[Then a Droideka fires at the horse that was carrying the Charage Sunset and Chris were on, and they tumble over but they battle the droids]

Chris: Is this a diplomatic solution.

Sunset Shimmer: No. It's aggresive negotiations.

[Meanwhile Blythe kills many droids, but two of them see them]

Battle droid: Uh, oh!

Battle droid 2: Roger, roger!

Blythe: Huh? [looks behind her and it was the Carnotaur]

Carnotaur: ROAR!!!!!!

[But this time, Blythe gains the upper hand and slashes its stomach and then cuts off its leg and kills it. Then Kratt roles in to Buzz, Little Bear, and his friends]

Little Bear: Kratt?

Hen: Where have you been?!

Kratt: [beeping. He then turns around and fires a wire on Buzz's head]

Buzz: Kratt, what are you doing?

[Then Kratt begins to pull Buzz's head off of the droid body]

Buzz: Oh! Kratt, stop it! That's my head! [it pops off of the droid, as Little Bear and the others follow him]

Emily: Kratt, what are you doing?

Kratt: [beeping]

Buzz: Well, this is such a drag!

[Then he takes him to Buzz's body]

Buzz: [gasps] My body!

[Soon the droids begin to surround everyone in a circle as Kratt fixes Buzz's head]

Buzz: Ouch! Kratt, please be careful!

Kratt: [beeps in annoyance]

Buzz: Oh! Is my head on straight?

[Then Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, and the evil girls appear on the balcony, and all the droids stop]

Nightmare Moon: Brian Griffin! You thought bravely, along with your Jedi friends. But it's finished. Surrender, and your lives will be spared.

Brian: That's nothing but a bunch of your lies. We won't be hostage to be bargain!

King Sombra: Then I'm afraid you don't have a choice.

[All the droids point at the Jedi and they all get ready for the final blow, till Sunset sees something]

Sunset Shimmer: Look!

[Everyone looks up, and there was Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Barret Barricade on a gunship with the Clone Equines! Then boom! The Autobots appeared from the arena wall! And all the droids fire]

Optimus Prime: Get out, all of you!

Hound: It's over, rust buckets!

Optimus Prime: Destroy the droids! Destroy them all!

Princess Luna: Surround the survivors, quickly now!

[Soon the gunships and the Autobots killed many droids. And some of them land and rescue the other Jedi, and they left the arena]

Owl: Hey, wait! Come back! [groans]

Kratt: [beeping]

Buzz: Oh, my! I've had the most peculiar dream!

[Then Leo picks up Rogue's helmet and bows his head down]

[Soon the ships fly away]

Barret Barricade: We must catch Nightmare Moon & King Sombra! If they escape, more systems will be rallied with them!

[Soon there was did blaster fire!]

Blythe: Hold on!

Chris: Pilot! Aim one of the fuel cells!

[The gunship fires rockets and the fuel cell falls down and lands on some droids]

Blythe: Good call, Griffin!

[Then it cuts back to the villains]

Trixie: The Jedi have an army!

Adagio Dazzle: But this is impossible! How could they have an army so quickly?!

Sonata Dusk: Let's send all droids into battle!

Nightmare Moon: No. There's too many of them.

Poggle: Our communications have already been jammed.

[It goes back to the battle, and a gunship is shot down]

Brian: Pilot! Take us down!

Pilot: Yes, sir!

[The ship lands]

Commander Equine Clone: Brian Griffin, and Sylveon?

Sylveon: Yes?

Commander Equine Clone: Your troops are awaiting orders!

[Then the Autobots arrive and transform]

Brian: Optimus, you knew we were here?

Optimus Prime: Yes. Princess Celestia told me what was going on. [deploys his knight sword and activates his face mask] Now let's send those droids packing!

Eddy: Sounds good to me!

Ed: Let's kick droid butts!

Princess Luna: Take us to the command center!

[As the ship flies off. The great battle ensued, between the good and the evil!]

Blythe: Attack that starship, quickly!

[Rockets fire and hit the ship, and goes back to the royals]

Clone Equine commander: Your highness. All troops are avancing.

Princess Luna: Excellent.

[the battle continues on as some the ships drop off the tanks as Droid tanks fire rockets]

[Back with the villains]

Suri Polomare: This isn't looking any good.

Aria Blaze: We have to get the starships back into space before all of them are destroyed!

[the Sixth leave]

Poggle: We have to order a retreat!

King Sombra: We can't allow the Republic to got away with this.

Poggle: So what are you gonna do?

King Sombra: I'm letting my apprentice handle them, herself.

[In the hanger, the Sixth board their own ship and leave, as Nightmare and Sombra hop on a speeder and drive away]

[Back at the battle]

Optimus Prime: [slashes a spider droid] RAAAAHHH!!!

Brian: [destroys some battle droids] DAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Sylveon: [does some fancy lightsaber moves]

Vinny: [force pushes some droids] WHO ESLE WANT'S SOME?!

[Jasmine hops in the air and repels droid blasting and slashes some]

Princess Luna: Trooper, concentrate all fire power at all the nearest starships!

Clone Equine Commander: Yes, you're highness. Put all sectors to 415.

[several tanks then start drawing fire at the nearest starships and they then fall down and are destroyed, as all Clones continue advancing on the droids and are winning]

Blythe Baxter: Look! [points to the Nightmares' speeder]

Chris: It's Nightmare Moon and Sombra! Shoot them down!

Pilot: We're out of rockets, sir.

Chris: Then follow them!

Sunset: We'll need assistance!

Blythe Baxter: There's no time! Me and Chris will handle this!

[the Nightmares then notice they're being followed and signal to the vulture droids to stop them, as they circle arround and then draw fire at the ship, as one blas then sends Sunset and one Clone Equine Trooper fallign out]

Sunset: AAAAH!!!

Chris: SUNSET!!

[Sunset lands on the sand and rolls down a hill]

Chris: Put the ship down, quickly!

Blythe Baxter: Chris, don't let your personal feelings get in the way! Follow that speeder and step on it!

[they continue the chase as the vulture droids continue their line of fire]

Chris: I order you to lower the ship!

Blythe Baxter: I can't take Nightmare and Sombra on my own! I need you! If we catch them, we can end this war right now! We have a job to do!

Chris: I don;t care, put the ship down!

Blythe Baxter: You'll be expelled from the Jedi Order!

Chris: We can't leave her!

Blythe Baxter: COME TO YOUR SENSES, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! What do you think Sunset would do if she were in your shoes?

Chris: She would do her duty.

[back at the battle]

Clone Equine Commander: The droid army is in full retreat, your majesty.

Prtincess Luna: Good work, trooper. Prepare a shuttle for me right away.

Clone Equine Commander: Yes, Your highness.

[the Nightmares' speeder then flies into a hanger and the shuttle and lands and Chris and Blythe hop off and race in just as the vulture droids come in and destroy the shuttle.]