This is how the first strike goes in The Beginning of the Chronicles II.

[we return to our heroes who are on their way to the castle]

Zoe Trent: [stops] Hmm? [looks around]

Gail Trent: What is it?

Zoe Trent: I thought I heard something.

Gail Trent: I can hear it too.

[everyone else listens but they don't hear anything]

Squidward: I don't hear anything.

Eddy: Me too.

Edd: Could it possibly be the fact that Zoe and Gail are dogs? I mean Dogs can hear high pitched sounds we can't.

[then everyone else hears something approaching from an alley]

Blackie: Wait a minute.

[then a blaster fires!]

Blackie: [as Vin Disele] Get down!

[they duck just as the blast hits a truck]

[then it showed snipers]

Rainbow: Snipers!

[The snipers fired again]

[many of our heroes activate their lightsabers]

[Droids firing rapidly]

[the others block the the shots as some fire back]

[then there's a gun blast from out of nowhere]

Blackie: Huh?

Rarity: Who shot that?

[then from the corner appears Sailor John!]

Sailor John: I'll handle this! [takes out a lupara and fires both shots, taking out 2]

[he then takes out a flintlock pistol and fires it and is destroyed]

Sailor John: Scram you darn scally wags! [blows steam away]

[the remaining droids race off]

[then Nyx takes a look at one of the drones and finds a Sith marking!]

Nyx: Sith!

Percy; We better tell the royals right away.

[they are now at castle]

Thomas: Thanks for your help Sailor John.

Sailor John: No problem, Thomas.

Twilight: Won't you join us and help us prep for our Christmas party?

Sailor John: I'd love to. But I've got some other things to attend to.

Blackie: Other things? Hmm..

Sailor John; Oh, before I go. [he then makes a candy cane appear out of nowhere] Here you are little one. [gives it to Nyx]

Nyx: Thanks.

Sailor John: See you later! [heads off on Skiff]

Rarity: For a sailor he's quite the gentleman.

Nyx: I agree. [eats the candy]

Blackie: I don't know, I don't trust him.

Spongebob: Why?

Blackie: My seventh sense is tingling Sponge, there's something off about that sailor.

Applejack: Are ya saying, John is bad?

Blackie: No, I'm not saying John is bad. I just feel an odd thing about him.

Twilight: Arlight, well let's start setting up the party.

[they head inside to do so]

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