Here is how the flashback ended in Yuna's First Word.

The flashback ends.

Princess Luna: And that's how I've showed it to your father ever since.

Princess Yuna: Wow, Mama. Great story.

Princess Luna: I'm glad you'd like it.

Princess Yuna: But why telling me stories about when I was a baby filly? I'm not even a baby anymore.

Princess Luna: I understand, Yuna. But if you are growing up, You'll always be my little filly too me.

Princess Yuna: Oh, Mama.

Just then, Hiro got home with Snowdrop.

Princess Luna: Hello, Hiro.

Princess Yuna: Hey, Snowdrop. How's the hospital?

Snowdrop: It was great. When I was taken for checkup, The doctor was surprised that I had very good hearing.

Hiro: She was able to recognize anyone or anypony else.

Princess Luna: Well, That's wonderful to hear.

Princess Yuna: Was she doing okay, Papa?

Hiro: Yes, Yuna. She's doing just fine during her checkup.

Snowdrop: I'm just glad to be back.

Princess Luna: Yuna, I love you so much.

Princess Yuna: I love you too, Mama.

Yuna and Luna hugged each other.

                                                                                    The End

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