Here is how The foals captive, Picking up the Trail and Jafar destroying the Valley of Piece goes in Yuna and the Three Kingdoms.

At Jafar's hideout.

Nyx: Put us down!! RIGHT NOW!!!

Goblin Leader: Keep your mouth shut!

Sunbeam: What'll we do now, Thunder Spectrum?

Thunder Spectrum: I don't know, Sunbeam.

Another Goblin: (sniffing)

Goblin Leader: What is it? What do you smell?

Another Goblin: Man flesh.

Goblin Leader: They picked up our trail!

Prince Edmond: (thought) Our friends.

Goblin Leader: Let's go!

Prince Edmond: (has a golden heart-shaped necklace with the picture of Yuna)

With the rest of Fellowship.

Prince Derek: Can you hear anything, Humpty?

Humpty Dumpty: (using a hearing horn) The base is quickened. They must have caught our scent.

Shrek: Then we better hurry!

Spyro: Garrett! Kayley! Let's go! We're gaining on them!

Garrett: We're hurrying!

Kayley: They can't be far now!

Golden Queen: Just wait til we get through with them!

Puss in Boots: We're going to make sure our Amigos are safe!

So they kept fallowing their trail until they've found Edmond's golden heart-shaped necklace.

Hot Dog: Look! It's Edmond's necklace!

Spyro: Must be we getting close!

Shrek: Come on!!

With Jafar.

Jafar: I want them armed and ready to march within two weeks!

Orc Commander: Yes, My lord.

Goblin Commander: Where do we start?

Jafar: The Valley of Piece.

The dark army set off to destroy The Valley of Piece.

Jafar: (evilly laughs)

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