This is the part when Doraemon and the others found Noby in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

Noby: Well Sophia, I guess I’ll have to tell you why I’d ran away from home. The reason I ran away because…

Sophia: Sue broke your heart, when you accidently ruined her birthday.

Noby: How did you know?

Sophia: That’s my little secret. I was watching you on her birthday when she yelled at you and hurt your feelings.

Noby: Wow.

Sophia: I have to questions to ask you. [puts her hands on Noby’s face] Would you stay with me forever? And I know this is embarrassing but. [kissed him, taking his hands] Would you marry me, Noby?

Noby: Why…yes!

Sophia: Really?!

Noby: Yeah, I will stay here forever. And I’ll marry you.

Sophia: Oh, Noby!! [hugs him] I’m so happy!

Noby: [cries] Wow, I am so happy that you are happy.

Sophia: Promise me something Noby. Promise me that you will never go back to Earth ever again, please.

Noby: Okay Sophia, I’d promise [walks to the door] I promised that I’m never coming back to planet Earth again [opens the door] AAAAAAAA!!!!

[He sees Doraemon and the others]

Noby: Hi guys, uh….what’s up?

Sneech: What did you say about “not coming back to planet Earth”?

Noby: Look! I could have explain…I…


Big G: You decided to live here for the rest of your life, that’s stupid Noby, you know that!

Shido: Yeah, do you have any idea what we have been through looking for you?!

Noby: No, but I’ll be in my master suite okay, bye. [closed the door on them]

Doraemon: [kicks the door and jumps] WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [landed on Noby] Noby!! That was stupid of you to run away from home like that!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!

Sue: Noby…how could you?

Noby: Uh? S...S...S...Sue?

Sue: Why did you run away from home like that?! You know I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I know my birthday party got ruined by accident. Since you ran away from home like that, it broke my heart. You know that I loved you so much! I don’t hate you!

Noby: But I…didn’t know that…might…break your heart.

Carver: Come on Noby!! That was stupid of you to run away from home like that. You know that!!!

Noby: I know it was stupid of me to do that but it was my only option I had, okay!! Now that I have new home and a new life, nothing well ruin it for me.

Now I have a new life and a new place
Nothing will stand in my way
Cause I will stand to my new home
But Noby, you’ve already got a home
Right back on Earth
Why won’t you come back?
You’re the one I loved
Now I shall stand to my new home
And nothing will get in my way
Because the past is behind me
And now
I will stand to my new home
Come On Noby
Did you have any idea for what you’re doing?
You don’t know what it takes to be someone else
But now I do
Thanks to my best friend
Cause I have learned the ways of the mermaids
I share my world with no one else
[Sneech, Big G, and Tamaki]
Come on!
You got to come back home
I refuse, the world has rejected me
And now I will stand to my new home
I have gotten a new life
I will stand
To my
New HOME!!!!

Noby: Until, I am staying here forever.

Twilight: What!? Are you crazy, Noby?!!

Apple Bloom: Yeah!! Tohka and Origami were fighting over Shido, and then Serena and May are fighting over Ash!

Brock: Who would do that?

Misty: Not me

Kotori: I agree with you Misty!

Noby: What? Some girls have crush on boys, can they?

Origami: That’s true

Max: I guess that’s okay.

Dawn: I agree.

Doraemon: Okay guys enough of that. Anyway Noby, pack up your stuff, cause you’re going home!!!

Noby: No!! I’m the mermaid king now. This is my new home, now!! And you guys can’t make me go back to planet Earth. Nothing!!


Noby: [screaming]

Big G: Get him!!!

Tohka: Get back here, Noby!!

Noby: Aw man, this has gone too far, hasn’t it? I know I hide in that barrel and give them the slip. [jumps inside the barrel, as the heroes passed the barrel] phew.

Rainbow Dash: HEY!! Wait a minute!!

Sneech: Noby gave us the slip!!

Pinkie Pie: He’s hiding in that barrel!

[The heroes ran to the barrel where Noby is hiding]

Percy: Come on Noby! We know you’re in there!

Sneech: Yeah! So come out!

Noby: [runs while he's inside the barrel] RUN AWAY! Aw man there’s nowhere to go I’m doomed! [ran back inside the palace]

Sophia: What’s wrong my king?

Noby: I explain later!!

Big G: [kicked the door open]

Noby: Uh-oh!!

Doraemon: There he is!! Grab him!

[Big G and Sneech grabbed Noby]

Sneech: HA!! Now we’ve got you Noby! Let’s go get your stuff, you’re head right back straight at home!

Big G: Yeah! Everybody misses you already by now!!

Noby: “Missed me”?! They rejected me!! After the mistakes I did in my past, they’ve missed me?!

Noby, listen to my voice
Beat your friends for me
And show them who’s boss

Noby: Yes I would. [grabs Big G and Sneech and throw them]

Tohka: Noby!! Snap out of it!!

[Noby dodges her attacks and kicked her]

Noby: Guards, arrest them!!

[Guards came to arrest Doraemon and the others]

Guard #1: Where can we put them, King Noby?

Noby: Lock them up in the dungeon!

Sue: Noby! NO!!

Sophia: [laughs] All according to plan.

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