This is how The gang lose the sleigh goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Arthur Christmas.

Thomas: Arthur, when you put the adress into the HO-HO or whatever its called, what did you see?

Arthur Claus: A list of Trelews and I clicked on the first one.

Ranyx: Which was not Trelew England! You do realize that we're in Trelew Mexico, right?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. We are in the wrong Trelew!!

[They keep running as police choppers arrive over head]

Sonata Dusk: [jumps into the sleigh] Grandsanta, what's happening?!

Grandsanta: They've been watching us. They've seen Evie. It's just like last time.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Last time?

Thomas: The last time he took this thing for a spin. Tell them, Grandsanta.

Grandsanta: Last time I took Evie for a spin. I didn't know it was the cuban missile crisis. I nearly started World War III.

[EVE looks around as choppers fill the sky] 

Sci-Ryan: We need to fly. I don't know about the Keyblade War.

Thomas: World War III.

Evil Ryan: They are a bit the same, Thomas.

[The news comes on]

News reporter: Governments tonight are waking to news of a UFO traveling the globe at incredible speed.

Bertram T. Monkey: That's us, guys!

News reporter: The clearest sighting was at this tractor dealership in Idaho.

Man: It had eyeballs on its feet and a pointy little head. A boy in a black coat is with it. It asked me for a sign.

Ranyx: Oh Primus. Senpai noticed me.

Twilight Sparkle: We're on the news.

News reporter: And from the trail in Toronto, these beings do not appear friendly.

[At the North Pole]

Elf: Rebooting.

[We see various news reports on the screens]

Elf: The talking train is there. Oh, and the talking unicorn with wings.

Reporter: I'm getting reports of a steam train flying about.

[Back in Mexico]

Sci-Ryan: We have to get out of here. Arthur and I just have to go faster and higher!

Grandsanta: I'm not going anywhere. I'm not here.

Thomas: [spots police cars ahead] Look out!

Crash Bandicoot: [turns the sleigh to the left but more arrive]

Evil Ryan: Now what?

[Two more reindeer run off]

Sci-Ryan: Oh no! Donner! Comet!

Grandsanta: Leave me alone. It's that terrible night all over again.

Arthur Claus: What night?

Grandsanta: Last time I took Evie for a spin. I didn't know it was the cuban missile crisis. I nearly started World War III.

[WALL-E screams and sees police cars ahead]

Twelfth Doctor: I know. [to Ranyx] Ryan! The magic dust! Activate it!

Ranyx: My name's not Ryan! [removes his hood] It's Ranyx!

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah, whatever, just do as he told you!

[Ranyx does and the sleigh flies off]

Alvin: That was close. [climbs onto Ranyx] Is it me or am I seeing 3 Ryans?

Ranyx: It's just you.

Alvin: Who are you and what group did you join?

Ranyx: My name is Ranyx and I'm part of the Organization 13.

Simon: Organization 13?

Ranyx: Nobody knows what they look like and who they are but most of us are people's Nobodies.

Meg Grifiin: And you are...

Ranyx: Ryan's Nobody.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. And did I create you? How?

Ranyx: Who knows?

Evil Ryan: It doesn't matter if it's dimension travel or Vortech possessed Ryan, Ranyx.

Ranyx: Whatever, let's just get out of here.

Arthur Claus: Grandsanta, get here!

[He pulls Grandsanta out of hiding]

Grandsanta: Oi! That's me new hip!

Ranyx: No time to worry about that now.

Crash Bandicoot: The elf is with us. That was too close in Mexico. We are not, I repeat, NOT doing that again.

Robotboy: Robotboy agree. Way too dangerous.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): I agree as well. Boy. I hope I like the songs of Matau and the Sky-tyres.

Matau T. Monkey: Skylanders.

Evil Anna: If you are Ryan's Nobody, Ranyx. Who is Sora's Nobody?

Ranyx: Who knows?

Robotboy: No time to talk now. [holds up the HO-HO] Look.

Briony: It's Steve. He can help us.

Grandsanta: Tell him I'm not here. [hides beneath the controls]

Robotboy: [to Steve] Grandsanta no here.

Steve: Hi. I'm looking for a missing relic.

Ranyx: Relic?

Ryan F-Freeman: What are you talking about?

Crash Bandicoot: Huh?

Steve: The sleigh you're riding in now.

[Grandsanta comes out of hiding]

Grandsanta: Steve, three words...

Steve Claus: Let me guess. Is the first word help?

Ranyx: Yes.

Arthur Claus: You can help us, Steve.

Grandsanta: Yeah, Steve. The madmen. They forced me to come.

Arthur Claus: We forced you?

Evil Ryan: It was your plan.

Arthur Claus: How was it my plan?

Ranyx: Oh. Never mind.

[Ryan just rolls his eyes]

Arthur Claus: No! Santa will want us to get to Gwen. Ask him. Please.

Steve Claus: Arthur, this is Dad we're talking about. There was a time where he

Ranyx: But, he must care. He is awake and worrying his beard off about a girl called Gwen.

[Steve calls Santa]

Santa: [on HO-HO] Ho-ho-ho. Off to the Land of Nod. Please do not disturb untill December 26. Is that it?

Mrs. Claus: [on HO-HO] Yes, Malcolm. Just push the red--

[The gang stares in disbelief]

Sci-Ryan: No.

Robotboy: Santa most caring person in world.

Ranyx: He's right. Like Ryan, he helped the Swan Princess friend. I need to think of a name.

Briony: Then why is Arthur here, not him?

Sci-Ryan: Us too. Including Ranyx and.. [points to Princess Odette]

[The gang shrugs but the sleigh tips over, throwing them off]

Ryan F-Freeman: Odette!

Robotboy: Look out below!

Sci-Ryan: [screaming]

Odette: [screaming]

The gang: [screaming]

[The landed on sand]

[WALL-E and EVE land in the sand]

Ranyx: At least I landed on something soft.

Odette: [muffled] You're telling me.

Evil Ryan: That's the last time I ride in an air vehicle that tips over.

Ryan F-Freeman: You said it, Evil me. Odette and I are better at flying when we were... were...

Odette: Swans?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

Ranyx: So.

Meg Griffin: You know what I did.

Grandsanta: Don't leave me, Arthur! Poor old man and his reindeer, on our own at Christmas? At least have the decency to finish us off with a rock!

Ranyx: Do you see one? No.

Sci-Ryan: Odette? Where are you?

Odette: Right here.

Ranyx: Sci-Ryan? You are friends with Odette? How?

Sci-Ryan: Let me tell you, Ranyx. Back in Odette's world, you heard me while I was having a chat to Odette.

[WALL-E trundles over]


[EVE pops out of the sand]


[They hug]

[Arthur then stops but continues on. Later]

Arthur Claus: I get what you all say about me now. [mimicking elf] He belongs in the South Pole. [mimicking Santa] Dear Arthur. What a puzzle.

[Grandsanta walks over to Arthur]

Grandsanta: I'm sorry I've messed things up, lad. You see, the night I last took Evie out, when there was all that... fuss, your father came to me. I'll never forget it; couldn't look me in the eye. "Dad," he says, "Steve thinks it best you don't fly again. We're scrapping the sleigh." Me only son, who used to sit where you sit, looking up at me. I just wanted them to remember who I used to be. I was a bit like you, lad. Keen as cranberry. So was your dad. You get old. That's all. Everything... changes.

Arthur Claus: Does it?

Ranyx: I was sure. Arthur? You know. Ryan could do the right thing like using the Keyblade of Hearts and stabs himself in the chest to free Meg's heart.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ouch.

Arthur Claus: How can I write another letter saying Santa cares?

Sci-Ryan: And how do we get back home now?

Meg Griffin: I don't know.

Ranyx: Ryan. I just remembered you and Odette singing You Can Only Be You.

Ryan F-Freeman: You did? How?

Ranyx: When you was with Odette.

[Thomas looks down]

[Twilight looks upset]

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight. [comforts her] You ok?

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe it doesn't matter than we're stuck here. Maybe Gwen wouldn't have gotten her present anyway. We've let everyone down.

Ryan F-Freeman: But, we can't give up. I fear when Gwen wakes up and saw nothing under the tree. That would make her being left out.

Sunset Shimmer: We know. But what's the point?

Ranyx: Bertram would be your Bodyguard when you know that. It's hopeless.

[Crash falls asleep]