This is how the lightsaber duel with the Nightmares goes in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[Soon Chris and Blythe find and corner the nightmares]

Chris: You've lost, Nightmare Moon, and King Sombra!

Blythe Baxter: We'll take them together, you go to the...

Chris: No, I'm taking them now! [charges forward]

Blythe Baxter: No, Chris Stop! NO!!

[then Nightmare Moon zaps Chris with Force Lightning and throws him agains the wall]

Nightmare Moon: As you can see, young Baxter. My Jedi powers are beyond yours.

King Sombra: So, be a good girl and back down. [he then fires Force Lightning at Blythe but she blocks it with her saber]

Blythe Baxter: I don't think so.

Nightmare Moon: [force deploys her curved-hilted sabers and ignites them]

King Sombra: [draws his Darksaber and ignites it] Your animals firends won't save you this time.

[Blythe then charges forward and they clash sabers]

Nightmare moon: Master, Baxter. You disappoint me, I thought you were like a lasso.

[They enter a duel like]

King Sombra: You gotta do better than that.

[they continue clashing saber as Chris slowly comes to]

[back with Sunset]

Sunset: [groans as she gets back up]

Clone Equine Trooper: [walks over to her] Are you alright?

Sunset: Yeah, I'm okay.

Clone Equine Trooper: We better get back to the forward command center.

Sunset: No, no. Gather what troops you can, we have to get to that hanger! Get a transport, hurry!

Clone Equine Trooper: Right away! [they race off]

[back in the hangar, Blythe continues dueling the Nightmares as they then come into a blade lock, just as Chris regains himself, then Nightmare Moon slashes Blythe's left arm]

Blythe Baxter: AAAH!

[then Sombra slashes her left thigh]

Blythe Baxter: AH! [falls to the fall and holds her left leg]

[then Nightmare Moon raises her sabers, about to strike her down but then Chris ignites his saber and leapos forward and blocks the sabers at the last minute]

Nightmare Moon: Very brave of you, young Griffin. But I thought you'd learn your lesson.

[as they talk Blythe grabs her saber with the Force]

Chris: Well, I am a slow learner.

Blythe Baxter: Chris, catch! [throws Chris her saber]

[Chris catches it and ignites it as he clashses sabers against Nightmare Moon and Sombra, but Sombra ends up destroying Chris' green saber, leaving him to fight with Blythe's, as he then cuts a power cable, which shuts down the lights, leaving only the saber blades for light, as the 3 continue clashing sabers at high speeds, but then suddenly King Sombra slices off his arm!]

Chris: AAH!! [he is forced pushed and kncoked out]

[but then out from the shadows, a figure approaches, and it turns out to Princess Luna]

Nightmare Moon: Princess Luna.

Princess Luna: Nightmare Moon. King Sombra.

Nightmare Moon: You have interfured with our affairs for the last time.

[Nightmare Moon then uses the Force to break lose a power capsuale, but Luna catchs it throws it asside. Then King Sombra Force lifts another power capsuale and throws it at her, but Luna repells it. As Nightmare Moon then causes some big rocks to fall from the ceiling, but Luna catches them and then puts them asside]

Princess Luna: You 2 have become powerful. I can sense the Dark Side within you.

Nightmare moon: We've become more powerful than any other Jedi. [Even you [she then tries to zap Luna with Force Lightning but Luna catches it repells it back to them as Sombra then blocks it as he fires his own Force Lightning, but Luna absorbs it within her hooves]

Princess Luna: You 2 still have much to learn.

King Sombra: It's obvisous our contest can't be determined by our knowledge of the Force. [ignites his Darksaber] But by our skills with a Lightsaber.

Nightmare Moon: [ignites her oown sabers]

Princess Luna: [Force pulls her own saber into her grip and ignites it]

[the 3 then leap towards each other as Luna gives a battle cry, as all 3 clash sabers as Luna leaps to and fro over their bodies clashing sabers at high speeds]

[And soon they come into a blade lock]

Princess Luna: You fought well, my evil counterparts.

Nightmare Moon: This is just the beginning. [she then uses the Force to collapse a pillar and rop it on the fallen Jedi. As Luna extinguishes her saber and catches it, while Nightmare and Sombra make their exscape.]

Princess Luna: [strains as she lifts the pillar away and at a safe distance]

[but the Nightmare's shuttle then leaves, just as another Clone Equine shuttle comes in, as the Clones, and Sunset draw fire at it but miss. And the ship takes off into hyper space]

[everyone else then races into the hangar just and Luna walks over to Blythe and Chris]

Sunset: Chris! [runs over to him and hugs him]

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