This is how the magic show goes in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[We see a light pointing to a man and woman]

Tinkerputt: Welcome, ladies and gentleman! I am Professor Tinkerputt and this is my lovely daughter and assistant: Marry. Tonight, we shall bedazzle you all with some really great acts!

Marry: And now on with the show!

[Tinkerputt then takes his hat and taps it and several pigeons fly out]

Sunil Nevla: Amazing!

Tinkerputt: And now, folks. I will be needing a volunteer for my next trick involving this special crystal!

[then there was a voice]

???: Wish. Star.

Apple Bloom: Huh? Hey, did y'all hear that?

Sweetie Belle: Yeah I heard it.

Scootaloo: Same here.

???: Wish maker, the comet.

Sweetie Belle: There it is again!

Tinkerputt: We need 3 volunteers!

Apple Bloom: Let's git' a closer look!

[the 3 get up and run for the stage]

Sunil Nevla: Hey, where are you 3 going? Wait for me! [he follows them]

[they come onto the stage]

Apple Bloom: Ther' it is!

Tinkerputt: Well, it looks like we have four volunteers! 3 fillies and a mongoose! You 4 must be be in good showbiz, your timing is impeccable!

Apple Bloom: Impeca-what now?

Marry: You 4 are very lucky. What are your names?

Scootaloo: Name's Scootaloo.

Sweetie Belle: And I'm Sweetie Belle.

Apple Bloom: Apple Bloom.

Sunil Nevla: And I'm Sunil Nevla. And I'm a magician too.

Tinkerputt: Well, I bet you well be a great volunteer for this next act then!

Marry: Yes.

Tinkerputt: Step in the box!

[they do as the sides are closed.]

Tinkerputt: Since Sunil is a magician as well, he and friends can escape easy as we stick 7 swords in the box and then set it on fire!

Rarity: Oh, I'm so jealous that Sweetie Belle and her friends are the volunteers and not me!

Penny Ling: Hey, she's only volunteering!

Zoe Trent: But what about Sunil? I should be up there too!

Peter Sam: Why?

Rheneas: Sunil is a magician too. It makes sense for him to be on stage.

Vinnie Terrio: Well, I hope Sunil can get them out of that box, because they're beginning the sword skewering!

Smudger: [scoffs] Magicians.

[Marry then brings in the swords]

Tinkerputt: And now, it's time for the swords!

[inside the box]

Apple Bloom: So now what?

Scootaloo: Sunil, try tapping the box's side with your wand.

Sunil Nevla: Are you sure about that? I'm not the best magician.

Sweetie Belle: Just try.

Sunil Nevla: Alright, I'll try. [he taps the side of the box with his wand and then they fall through the bottom]

[back outside the Tinkerputt and Marry start sticking the swords in as the crowd watches in awe]

[At the bottom we see the CMC and Sunil riding a train thing under the stage]

Tinkerputt: Now Gengar will set the box on fire!

[Tinkerputt's Gengar steps out and then he sets it on fire]

And then when the smoke clears, several flowers fly out]

Tinkerputt: Well, not only did Sunil get his friends out in time, but he also made several flowers appear too! Let's give a round of applause for Sunil and his friends!

[the CMC and Sunil then appear back on the stage as they cheer]

Sunil Nevla: Thank you! Thank you! You're all too kind!

[Then suddenly a net falls onto them]

Sweetie Belle: Hey, what gives?!


???: Aliens? Jeezz you are one big coward!

Brian: Oh, my God, I know that voice!

[they look up and see the Dazzlings]

Aria Blaze: Hello, folks!  

Smudger: Oh, crap. The Dazzlings. Are you gonna sing to make everyone argue?

Duncna: [biffs him]

Smudger: OW!!

Minka Mark: [hop on Blythe's head] Hey! Let our friends go, RIGHT NOW!!

Adagio Dazzling: They're ours' now!

Sonata Dusk: And now for the next trick we're gonna make 3 brats and a cowardly mongoose disappear!

[they start floating upward]

Scootaloo: Okay, this is not funny!

Sunil Nevla: Help! Get me down! Get me down!

Brian: I'm coming!

Tinkerputt: Don't worry, I'll get them! It's time for the encore! Now Gengar, use shadow ball!

Gengar: [does so]

[Gengar's shadow ball then hits the Dazzlings Balloon, making them stop.]

Aria Blaze: Hey! What gives?!

[The net drops the CMC and Sunil]


Brian: Alright, now it's my turn for the encore! [takes out his gun and shoots the balloon]

[the balloon then goes flying all over the place and then out the tent]

Adagio Dazzling: YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!

Brian: [catches the CMC and Sunil]

Sunil Nevla: Oh phew! That was close! I think I need to lay down for a little.

Brian: No problem. [sets Sunil down on a pillow that appeared out of nowhere]

[the crowd cheers]

[as everyone on the stage take a bow]

[then later after the show]

Voice: Wish maker, the comet.

Apple Bloom: What is that voice?

Tinkerputt: That would be Stardust.

Brian: "Stardust"?

Tinkerputt: Yeah, according to the legend, Stardust is a rare Dracony foal that awakens every 10 months. But for now, it's a asleep inside this crystal.

Stephen: "Dragony foal?" What's that?

Tinkerputt: It's a crossbreed of pony and dragon. This one has the teeth, eyes, claws and wings of a dragon and the body, face, mane and tail of a pony.

Vinnie Terrio: So it was that thing making the voice the CMC heard?

Tinkerputt: Yes, Stardust needs 2 things to awaken from it's slumber, first some friends and then the comet must be visible in the night sky.

Apple Bloom: Friends?

Fluttershy: So that's why Cutie Mark Crusaders heard it talking to them?

Mucker: Amazing!

Twilight: All that's left is the comet.

Smudger: Oh, please. Dragony's are extinct.

Button Mash: What?! How can you say that?!

Smudger: Because, driver told me that they all died out a long time ago.

Duke: If there really is a Dracony hibernating in that rock, there is one!

Smudger: Pah!

Penny Ling: [under her breath] Kill joy.

Rarity: Sweetie Belle. You know for once, I think Smudger is right.

Rainbow: Yeah, will belive it when we see it.

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