Here is how the fun in Canterlot High begins in Yuna and Vice Principal Luna.

The next morning, Vice Principal Luna was preparing breakfast.

Moon Starlight: (yawns) Good morning, Luna.

Vice Principal Luna: Good morning, Girls. Sleep well?

Princess Yuna: Uh-Huh.

Vice Principal Luna: Good, Cause I'm just preparing breakfast.

Prince Isamu: (eating his pancake)

Snowdrop: Your pancakes are delicious.

Vice Principal Luna: Thank you, Snowdrop.

Yuna, Moon and Snowdrop finished their breakfast. Luna put her shoes on. Isamu is placed on the car seat.

At Canterlot High, Vice Principal Luna brought them to her office.

Princess Yuna: Wow! Your office is nice! (notices the Fantasyland Engine of the year) That's Tillie.

Vice Principal Luna: That's right, Yuna. We've kept track on every engine who deserves to be Engines of the Year.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Snowdrop: It's wonderful.

There was a knock, Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer's Human Counterpart came.

Human Twilight Sparkle: Hi, Vice Principal Luna. Hi, Yuna. What brings you, Snowdrop, Moon and Isamu here?

Princess Yuna: Vice Principal Luna's taking care of us while our parents and aunt and uncle are out.

Vice Principal Luna: They were having a wonderful time. (to Isamu) Aren't you, Isamu?

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Human Twilight Sparkle: Well, We better get back to class.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Human Sunset Shimmer: Great to see you again, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Same to you, Sunset.

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