Here's how dinosaur forest goes in Snowdrop's Dino Movie

[the next day, we see the others loading guns, gather supplies, and lightsabers and they head to an electric fence]

Joe: Well, there it is.

Brian: Yes, and this is where our dinosaur will be.

Fishlegs: What happened to this place?

Princess Celestia: This was once a park. It was shut down from an incident.

Princess Luna: Let's move.

[they go through the gates and begin scouting the forest for anything]

[Then they hear a noise which stops and begins to freak everyone out]

Brian: [finds someting on the ground] Shhh!!! I found something! [sees another footprint]

Peter: [freaks out too much and starts firing which makes the others fire]

Yuna: Huh?

Brian: Hey, cut it out!

[Everyone is still firing]

Brian: Hold your fire! [fires in the air] HOLD YOUR DAMN FIRE!!

[Everyone stops]

Brian: Dammit! If you guys do that again, you'll waste our good ammo! We don't know what it is!


[Out came a rogue Stegosaurus]

Vinny: Whoa!

[The Stegosaurus starts attacking]


Stegosaurus: ROAR!!!!!

Willy: Stay down!

Dolphy: Dammit! Stay down!

[The Stegosaurus starts swigging his tail]

Hiccup: [sees Skyla] [runs to her] Come on.

Stegosaurus: [swings his tail to Hiccup while Skyla makes a run]

Hiccup: AAAAHHH! [lands on the ground] Bof!

[The Stegosaurus runs up to him]

Stegosaurus: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian: [fires a Thompson, which then kills the Stegosaurus and it falls]

Astrid: [comes over to Hiccup] Are you alright?

Hiccup: Yeah. Are you Skyla?

Skyla: I'm okay.

[Astrid helps them up as our heroes go around the Stegosaurus]

[Then Snowdrop wakes up from her bed

Snowdrop: [yawns]

Human Rarity: Nice to see you awake, darling.

Snowdrop: [yawning talk] You think so?

Human Rarity: Yeah.

Eaglesight: [licks her]

Snowdrop: Oh, stop it, that tickles! [laughs] Okay, okay, Eaglesight! I'm awake.

[Eaglesight then hops down and then Snowdrop hops down before grabbing Eaglesight's guiding handle]

Snowdrop: Take me to the dinosaur fence.

[It shows that the 2 dragons and Snowdrop arrived at the park]

Snowdrop; Alright, are you 2 ready for this?

[the 2 nod]

Snowdrop: Let's go.

[They move in and shut the gate]

Snowdrop: Now, lets find that dinosaur.

[they go into the park and begin their search]

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