This how The next day/Sci-Twi's new friend/King Silver Song enrolls The Dazzlings at Crystal Prep goes in Dazzling Songnotes of Silver.

[The next day]

Sci-Twi: Ah. What a wonderful day.

Puppy Spike: And the park is a great place to spend it.

????: A talking dog, how quaint.

[Sci-Twi sees a drifter sitting on a bench]

Sci-Twi: Who are you?

Thunderflash: The name's Thunderflash.

[Meanwhile at Crystal Prep Academy in Dean Cadance's office]

Dean Cadance: So you know these girls personally?

King Silver Song: Why yes, we go way back.

Dean Cadance: How?

King Silver Song: Well I used to give singing lessons personally before I started teaching here.


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