Here's how Yuna's troubles go in Night Furies vs. The Nightmare Family Part 1.

[the next morning, we see Yuna and Hiccup barely awake]

Yuna: [yawns] Come on, girl. Let's go see how Mama's doing.

Nightstar: [growls] 

[They walk to the kitchen]

Castle Maid: Good Morning Princess Yuna, your dragon's fish is waiting at the kitchen door.

Yuna: Thanks.

[They head to the counter]

[The Princess Luna comes in as Yuna gives the fish to Nightstar]

Princess Luna: Good Morning, sweetie.

Yuna: Hey, Mama. [yawns]

Princess Luna: Did you sleep well?

Yuna: [almost falls asleep but springs back up] Oh, yeah. Yeah. [yawns]

Princess Luna: Yuna? Are you okay?

Yuna: Sure! Just fine! Thanks for asking.

Princess Luna: [isn't conviced] Okay, then. Well if you need anything, just came find me. Okay?

Yuna: Sure.

[As Princess Luna leaves, Nightstar looks at Yuna]

Yuna: What?

Nightstar: [growsl]

[meanwhile, Hiccup is trying to keep up with things but is too tired to do so]

Astrid: Hey, are you okay?

Hiccup: Ah! Uh, sure I am!

Astrid: [looks at Hiccup for a moument] I don't know, you're hardly keeping up with things.

Hiccup: Oh, don't worry. I'm just fine! [yawns] Come on, bud.

Toothless: [growls in worrieness]

Astrid: [to herself] Hiccup, I know there's something wrong and I intend to find out.

[Later, Yuna and Nightstar come into berk]

Yuna: Hey!

Hiccup: Ah Yuna! Come for the daily flight?

Yuna: Yeah. [yawns] I have.

Hiccup: O.. [yawns] okay.

[Nightstar and Toothlees look at each other and then they growl in worriedness]

Hiccup: Alright, let's go.

[they both hop on their dragons and then take off]

[However, Yuna falls asleep while they fly in the sky]

Nightstar: [looks back and moans in worry for Yuna]

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