This is how The next day, Sonata keeps BB-10, and Thorax rescues Spike goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Force Awakens.

[We then see BB-10 being let down from Sonata's pod racing engine]

Sonata Dusk: Don't worry. He'll come back for you. Whoever you're looking for.

BB-10: [beeps]

Sonata Dusk: My family. They'll come back. One day. Come on.

[We then see them at Unkar Plutt's stall]

Unkar Plutt: These five parts are worth...Let me see here. Two and a half portions each.

Sonata Dusk: Last week, they were a half portion each.

Unkar Plutt: What about the droid?

[Sonata looks at BB-10]

Sonata Dusk: What about him?

Unkar Plutt: He's wearing Resistance colors. You should keep him close.

[Sonata thinks for a moment and makes her decision]

Sonata Dusk: