The way The next morning goes into Yuna and the Monster of Blue Mountain Quarry.

The next morning, Rocky was lifting Duncan out of the mud.

Rocky: (getting Duncan out of the Mud) How're you holding, Duncan?

Duncan: (sighs) A little better, Rocky.

At the narrow gauge railway.

Rheneas: Look, It's Gator!

Bertram: and With Rocky and Duncan.

Duncan: (sighs)

Skarloey: Poor, Duncan. He looks miserable.

Mr. Percival: Duncan, Where have you been? We've looked everywhere for you every night.

Duncan: Sorry, Sir.

Mr. Percival: You would have to collect scrap from the Scrapyard.

Duncan: Yes, Sir.

On the way to the Scrapyard.

Luke: (whistles and past by) Hello, Duncan.

Spike: Are you okay?

Duncan: I am all right, Spike.

Scootaloo: Cheer up, Duncan, Everything will work out.

Duncan: I hope so, Scootaloo.

(Duncan gets into the scrapyard and bumps into a flatbed of scrap that looked like a monster)


Reg: Sorry about that.

Duncan: Oh.

Scootaloo: Hi, Reg. How're things going?

Reg: Very well, Scootaloo. What's the matter with you, Duncan?

Duncan: (sighs) I was just thinking about how scared I was before I knew it was Gator.

Scootaloo: We got the scrap to deliver.

Duncan: (gets an idea) Maybe, I could scare Luke with this flatbed of scrap. (laughs)

Scootaloo: What did you say?

Duncan: Nothing.

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