Here's how the next morning and Nyx's discovery goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[the next morning, Sharon is now awake but is still sad]

Sharon: [wipes a tear]

[Sharon then starts walking down the hallway where Snowdrop is as well.]

Snowdrop: [yawns]

Eaglesight: [nudges Snowdrop to something]

Snowdrop: What is it?

Eaglesight: [growls indicating down the hall]

Snowdrop: Huh?

[We see Sharon walking down]

Snowdrop: Morning Sharon.

[but Sharon walks past Snowdrop without so much as a reply.]

Snowdrop: Sharon?

[Snowdrop then walks up to Sharon's side]

Snowdrop: Hey, Sharon!

Sharon: Huh? (notices Snowdrop) Oh, hey Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: Are you okay?

Sharon: No... I really miss my father.

Snowdrop: Well, I miss Primrose and she visits me in spirit.

Sharon: Yes. But he doesn't to me.

Snowdrop: Nonsense!

Sharon: It is! Why did he have to go like that? I feel lost without him.

Snowdrop: Oh, really? What about this? [does a silly face]

Sharon: [smiles a bit]

Snowdrop: Better?

Sharon: A little bit, but still sad.

Snowdrop: Okay, how about this? Why the chicken cross the playground?

Sharon: I don't know, why?

Snowdrop: To get to the other, slide! [laughs] C'mon folks, laugh with me!

[Crowd laughs]

Snowdrop: Whoa, that was weird.

[Crowd laughs]

Sharon: That was weird too.

Princess Celestia: Morning, Sharon. Morning Snowdrop.

Sharon: Hey, Mother.

Princess Celestia: You still miss father don't you?

Sharon: Yes.

Princess Celestia: Hmm, how about you join me in the throne room for the day?

Sharon: Okay. {sighs sadly} I sttill wish we could bring back father.

[but as the 2 leave the hall, Snowdrop feels sorry for Sharon]

Snowdrop: Poor Sharon. I wish I could help her. Maybe I should talk to the others.

[She goes to find the others]

[soon Snowdrop is talking to the other riders]

Snowdrop: And she's so sad that not even funny faces can cheer her up.

Skyla: Oh, man.

Yuna: Oh my.

Fishlegs: I wish there was a way we could help Sharon get better.

Ruffnut: Well, maybe we could try to bring back Barret for her.

[everyone looks blanky at the twins]

Ruffnut: What?

Tuffnut: Well, I think it's a good idea.

Snotlout: Realirty check, we can't back a dead person or equine for that matter.

Nyx: Wait, there might be a way to do so.

Hiccup: How?

Nyx: I once read a book that said somethign about a resurrection pool on an island not far from here.

Fishlegs: What island?

Nyx: Youth Fountain Island.

Astrid: My grandfather once told me of that island. He'd always tell me that this island had many magical pools there.

Nyx: Yeah, that's what the book said too.

Hiccup: Nyx, do you think you can find that book again?

Nyx: Yeah, I'll back in a flash! [then she flies off and then fast a fox, Nyx returns with the book.] I'm back.

Scootaloo: Whoa, that really was a flash!

Nyx: [turns a few pages in the book] Here it is! The Resurrection pool!

[the background then fades into Canterlot castle]

Nyx: It says: "The Ressurection Pool can bring back those who are deceased back to life, however four items are needed to make it possible. The items consist of "something to shine as bright as the sun", "something to glow white as the moon", "something that resembles the unusalar shape of the stars," and "the power of love".

Sharon: What are you guys talking about?

Nyx: Sharon, we may have found a way to bring Barret back.

Sharon: Really!?

Nyx: Yeah!

Sharon: [squeals with glee]

Hiccup: So, shall we get our dragons ready?

Sharon: Yes!

[crowd laughs and a record player scratch sound effect plays]

Sharon: Oh, crud! It's that laugh again!

[Crowd luaghs]

Sharon: You are watching too much TV you [dolphin chirps]!

[crowd laughs loudly]

Sharon: Oooooooohhhhhhhh.....

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