Here's how the party segment and Snowdrop runs away in The Snowdrop Movie.

[we now see Snowdrop waiting for her relatives]

Snowdrop: Where are they? They should've been here by now!

[door knocks]

Snowdrop: Come in!

[we see the team walk in (in costume)

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

Snowdorp: [using her force vision] My family! Come in! Come in!

[They come in]

Moon Starlight: [whispiring] I got a bad feeling about this.

Yuna: [whispiring] Stick to the plan.

Snowdrop: What did you say?

Yuna: Nothing!

Nyx: [whispiring] I have a bad feeling about ths.

Skyla: [whispering] Don't worry about it. [outloud] So, how have you been doing, Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Just fine. Now let's Dance. [plays a radio]

Penny Ling: [dances to the music]

Zoe Trent: [dances too]

Snowdrop: [dances]

[soon everyone starts dancing]

Skyla: Alright, time for a real show stopper! [she starts spinning around]

[but then she slips on cake icing]

Skyla: Whoa!!! [she then flies in the closet and slowly rolls back but part of her mask is torn]

Snowdorp: Huh? I know that voice! [uses her force vision] A Mask? [she then takes off the mask revealing Skyla.] SKYLA?! What are you doing masquarating one of my relatives?!

Skyla: It's not me.

Snowdrop: What?

Skyla: [sighs in defeat] Take your masks off guys.

[They do so]

Snowdrop: [using her Force Vision] GUYS?! You're all in costume!?

Yuna: Look, Snowdrop...

Snowdrop: It's all a joke!

Yuna: Look, we're just trying..

Snowdorp: To make fun of me! [puts on her coat]

Nyx: Snow, what are you doing?

Snowdrop: [puts on a scarf]

[she then starts walking for the door then she notices Eaglesight and Frostlord about to follow her]

Snowdrop: Guys, no. You are to stay. [she go to walk off again but they still follow] No, I SAID STAY!!

[The dragons sadly stay put]

Snowdrop: [opens the door] Now, I'm gonna go find my family! So from here, GBFE "Good Bye Forever!" [slams door]

[Everyone watches as she leaves]

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