This is how the opening and where the Pets learning about the convention goes in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets.

[The film begins with the "Nick Jr." logo, followed by the "Hasbro" logo]

[It then shows the LPS gang watching The Wonder Pets]

Wonder Pets: [on TV] Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We found a way! To help a friend and save the day!

Ming-Ming: (on TV) We're not too big.

Tuck: (on TV) And we're not too tough.

Wonder Pets: [on TV] But when we work together, we got the right stuff! Go Wonder Pets! YAY!!!

[On the tv we see the Wonder Pets return to their school and then Linny lands in her cage, and then winks at the audience as the credits play]

[we then veiw the PLS gang (who are wearing Wonder Pet capes]

Sunil Nevla: Go Wonder Pets!

Minka Mark: Yay!

Penny Ling: [wearing a yellow cape] Come on, Wonder Pets! There might be animal in trouble!

Pepper Clark: [wearing a green cape] To the rescue!

[they then look out the window]

[we see Brian sunbathing and there is a toy cat on a tree above him]

Sunil Nevla: Oh dear! There's a kitten stuck on a broken branch!

Vinnie Terrio: And the branch is above Brian!

Brian: Winter Wrap up! Winter Wrap up! Cause tomorrow spring is here!

Zoe Trent: Let's save the kitten!

[They move in and the go behind the tree]

Brian: [lifts his shades and looks around and then puts them back down] Hmm.

Russel Ferguson: Think, guys! How can we get the kitten down from the tree before the branch breaks off?

Pepper Clark: Get a ladder.

Sunil Nevla: Too late, by the time we bring back a ladder and then get up there, the kitten will be down here.

Minka Mark: Hmmm. I got an idea! Me and Penny can climb up the tree and then Penny can lower me down, I can grab the kitten from the branch! [starts climbing]

Penny Ling: [starts to climb the tree too]

[they climb up the higher branch and then Peny lowers Minka down by her tail]

Minka Mark: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

[The kitten comes]

Minka Mark: It's okay, I've got you.

[then the branch under Penny Ling starts to creek and then bend down. And soon Penny Ling starts to slide off]

Penny Ling: Oh dear. Faster, Minka! This branch can't hold us forever!

[Minka then starts to slide down]

Minka Mark: Oh no.

[they slide off the branch]

Penny and Minka: DAAAAAHHH!!!!

[then they bounce off of Brian's stomach and onto the ground]

Brian: [as they bounce off his stomach] GAH!! Penny, Minka! What are you doing?!

Minka Mark: We're trying to save that Kitten stuck in the branch!

Brian: You got my head!

Pepper Clark: This is bad, we can't get a ladder. And that idea didn't work! And we still didn't save the kitten!

Viine Terrio: What would the real Wonder Pets do?

Mucker: Why don't you ask them yourselves?

Zoe Trent: How can we? They're on TV.

Steam Mech: Didn't you hear? The Wonder Pets themselves are coming here to appear at a convention in the city on this upcoming weekend.

Steam Excavator: [shows a flyer] it says so right here.

Russel Ferguson: [reading] "Including Special Guests: The Wonder Pets" Oh, my gosh! They're coming!

Minka Mark: They're coming here?! [starts cheering while doing Monkey sounds]

Penny Ling: Now, all we have to do is get some tickets to this convention.

Twilight: Actually, Princess Celestia took care of that. [she then takes out several tickets and gives them one of each]

Zoe Trent: {squeals] We'll get to meet the Wonder Pets in person! [squeals again and then faints]

Brian: Get real guys. [wraps a towl around him] They're just kids from a kids show that don't beat up crime.

Vinnie Terrio: But they do save animals!

Penny Ling: And not all heroes fight crime!

Brian: Yeah, that's the point, where's the bad guys?! 

Penny Ling: If Wonder Petes beat up crime, would they do this? [stabs him with her claws]

Brian: Oh! Ow.

Pepper Clark: Or this!? [kicks him]

Brian: Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Russel Ferguson: Or how about this?!

Brian: That's quite enought guys!

Sunil Nevla: Actually, there was one bad guy in the show once.

Vinnie Terrio: That's right! There was the Big Bad Wolf from, "Save the 3 Little Pigs!" He tried to eat the Wonder Pets in it.

Minka Mark: Don't forget he returned in "Save Little Red riding Hood!"

Sweetie Belle: You guys must know alot about the Wonder Pets.

Vinnie Terrio: Sweetie Belle, we're all about the Wonder Pets!

Minka Mark: Just come into this closet and see for yourself!

[inside the closet, we see tons of Wonder Pets merchandise]

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo: Cool!

Applejack: Look at all of this merchanidse! You guys have everything!

Penny Ling: Ever since, we first saw the show, we've been collecting the merhandise for a long time!

Blythe Baxter: Never expected this.

Rainbow: They like the show that much?

Blythe Baxter: Yeah, I often hear them cheering for the Wonder Pets from up in my room.

Rarity: Really?

Blythe Baxter: Yeah.

Brian: Talk about Wonder Peter geeks.

Fluttershy: Brian, do you to be that way? The pets really love this show. Can't you see that?

Brian: Not me. I find it for kindergardners.

Pepper Clark: Well, that's just fine with me.

[Then in a corner we see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon]

Diamond Tiara: So, those super hero pets are coming here? This could be interesting.

[She and Silver Spoon then leave the corner as they think of an evil plan.]

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