This is how The pod race, Vanitas attacks, and escape from Equestraba goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Phantom Menace.

[We then see Solus meeting with Grievous]

General Grievous: This is where you can put the pod and prep it for the race.

Solus Prime: I look forward to it.

General Grievous: If she can win.

Solus Prime: You don't think Twilight can win?

General Grievous: Don't get me wrong. I have great faith in the girl. She's a credit to your race. But uh, Starscream there's gonna win I think.

[The camera then shows Starscream]

Jar Jar Binks: Oh no.

[Cut back to the others]

Starscream: Good luck.

Solus Prime: Why do you think that?

General Grievous: He always wins. [laughs] I'm betting heavily on Starscream.

Solus Prime: Then let's raise the stakes a little.

General Grievous: You what?

Solus Prime: Let's raise the stakes.

General Grievous: Starscream.

Solus Prime: The girl then.

General Grievous: Well...

[He makes his decision]

General Grievous: We'll let fate decide. [pulls out a chance dice] I happen to have a chance cube here. Blue, it's the girl. Red, her father.

[Grievous rolls the dice]

Solus Prime: [uses the Force]

[The dice spins and stops with the blue facing up]

[Grievous growls]

General Grievous: We'll just see.

[He walks off]

[Twilight and the others bring the pod into the hangar]


General Grievous:

[Cut to the outskirts of Mos Eisley,