This is how The ponies warn the Autobots goes in The Rise of Excelerator.

[The ponies come running into the base]

Rainbow Dash: Optimus! Bumblebee! Smokescreen! Bulkhead! Wheeljack! Ultra Magnus! Ratchet!

Optimus Prime: Rainbow Dash? Girls? What's wrong? Where is Arcee?

Applejack: She's gone.

Fluttershy: The Sirencons attacked us and took her.

Bulkhead: What do you mean gone?

Ratchet: And who are these ponies?

Night Glider: I'm Night Glider and this is Sugar Belle.

Sugar Belle: We're two ponies for Starlight's old village. Arcee risked her life for us to escape.

Ultra Magnus: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go after her!

[The Autobots all nod in agreement]

Rainbow Dash: Magnus is right. We have no idea what they might do to her.

Pinkie Pie: Then let's get out there and get our friend back!

Twilight Sparkle: Right. Before it's too late.

[Ratchet activates the Groundbridge and they set off]

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