Here's how the quarry goes in Return of Boulder.

Narrator: "Return of Boulder". It was a beautiful day in Equestria. And the Narrow Gauge engines are at hard at work, building a new railway, by pushing and bustling by moving rock. It was gonna be used to a brand new quarry on their railway. But all except for Rusty. Who was leaving, and comes back at evening. And one evening he came back, very late.

Duncan: Where have ya been?!

Rusty: (stuttering) Oh, I... uh.. was just doing some more shunting.

Mr. Percival: Rusty I had it with your tardeness! If we are to finish this new quarry, I need you to present!

Rusty: Yes sir, I'm sorry sir.

Mr. Percival: Good, now pump your pistons, we got lots of work to do!

Narrator: After that, everything ran like clock-work!

[The engines were now working very busy than ever]

[we then watch as they continue working as "The Night Train" plays in the background, as the sun just drops and the Moon rises up instantly]

Narrator: That night, the engines were back in there sheds, all expect Rusty.

Skarleoy: Where's Rusty?

Rheanes: He should've been home by now.

Peter Sam: I hope he's okay.

[then 45 minutes later Rusty came]

Sir Handel: Where have you been?'

Rusy: Uh, doing the night train. And I was just preping some of our cars for tommorow.

Smudger: Oh, good. That means less work for me.

Mr. Percival: Alright, you all worked very hard. I'm proud of you, so get a good rest now.

The Narrator: soon enough Mr. Percival leaves, the engines soon fall fast alseep, except Rusty.

Rusty: (sighs) [to himself] I can't tell them what's really going on, they'll think I'm crazy.

Bertram: Crazy about what?

Rusty: Oh, nothing!

Bertram: Okay. But if you wanna talk about it, just let me know.

Rusty: Alrighty then.

Narrator: Soon, Rusty fell asleep too.

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