This is how The royal wedding and Happy ending goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess.

[Wedding bells began to chime, echoing through the entire kingdom, as a grand day was upon this glorious nation. And out from the church, Derek and Odette, now properly married after a long wait, were now officially the King and Queen of their United Kingdoms as all the inhabitants from both lands and beyond cheered for them in approval]

Optimus Prime: Are we late? Where's Ryan?

Megatron: No. But here they come!

[Ryan and Meg arrive with Derek and Odette. Ryan is wearing his Snow Prince outfit but it's pink and Meg is wearing Twilight's Fall Formal outfit, but in her colors]

Crash Bandicoot:

[As they applaud the couple walking down the rug, the Chamberlain and Bridget walked together behind them. Bridget having developed a crush for the Chamberlain finally planted the man with a big kiss and the man was seemingly happy for that surprise gift. Only a few things could make this wedding more memorable]

Emmet: Ryan. You think Meg and Derek are heroes of this world?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Emmet.

Sci-Ryan: We are heroes, Ryan. All of us. I'm so happy now that Odette is married to Derek. And if anyone will ask about my left arm. [shows his left arm at the camera to reveal that his arm is bandaged] I'll know.

[Meanwhile, Red (Angry Birds), Star Song and Human Crash are with Bromley, Sci-Twi and Lord Rogers]

Red (Angry Birds): Oh yeah. That is how you complete this story.

Golden King: You said it.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): [cries a little]

Star Song: Hey, Crash. Why are you crying?

Crash Bandicoot (EG): [sniffs] I'm fine. It's just that I love happy endings.

Red (Angry Birds): Us too.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Yeah. Maybe I think the only thing, Star Song, will make me happy? A kiss.

Deadpool: Ok. [kisses Human Crash]

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Grrr!! I meant from her, Deadpool!

[Deadpool leaves as Red (Angry Birds) and Star Song laughs]

Sci-Twi: Rogers. I think you owe us an apology.

Bromley: She's right. If it weren't for me, Sci-Twi and those two ducks, the demon and the Great Animal would still be alive.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): [notices a shadow of a swan] Uh oh. Rogers?

Lord Rogers: [gasps] Dear me. No...

Sci-Twi: What is it?

Lord Rogers: The Great Animal! It's alive!

[Bromley whimpers and faints. But it turns out that it was simply the shadow of Uberta, who suddenly catches the attention of the old conductor]

Lord Rogers: Uberta.

Queen Uberta: Rogers.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Mom!

[Ryan and the others laugh at this as the wedding day continues for the whole group]

[Meanwhile, up in the sky, Puffin rode off with a band of birds in the air. Being that Puffin now had a General status, he was determined to keep these birds in line]

Puffin: I don't care if everyone else does have the day off. The prince wants a fighting air force and it's my job to get you birds in shape. You're in Puffin's army now. General Puffin.

[Later that same night, right along Swan Lake castle, where the after-party was taking place, Odette still had some unfinished business that needed some tending to. A promise she had made prior to the events that had taken place earlier. A moment that her old friend, Jean-Bob, had been waiting for all his life]

Jean-Bob: I'm ready for my kiss, mademoiselle.

Odette: Now don't be too disappointed, Jean-Bob, if nothing happens.

Jean-Bob: Finally, after all these years, I shall return to my throne.

Speed: Don't forget to write.

Jean-Bob: You still don't believe me, do you?

Speed: The only thing you're going to turn is red.

Jean-Bob: Well, I'm ready, Odette.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope it's good, Gaia.

[Gaia nods. Odette kisses Jean-Bob on the cheek. The frog actually feels that his curse has finally been lifted and that he has returned to his princely form]

Jean-Bob: Voila! Well, Speed, what do you have to say now?

Speed: Uh...

Emmet: Should we tell him?

Sunset Shimmer: No, Emmet. Let him have his fun.

Jean-Bob: That's what I thought. And now if you don't mind, I've got some schmoozing to do.

[Even as he looks into the water, Jean-Bob could see his reflection as that of a human, dressed in the finest attire, looking spiff for tonight's party. Little did he realize, it was merely another human looking at his reflection and Jean-Bob had not realized he was still a frog]

Crash Bandicoot: [chuckles] Good luck, your highness.

Meg Griffin: Speed? Do you want a kiss?

Speed: Nah. I'm happy as a turtle, Meg.

Cody Fairbrother: Odette? Now that the spell is broken, can I kiss you?

Odette: Yes, Cody.

Matau T. Monkey: Wait, Cody. Why do you want to kiss Odette?

Cody Fairbrother: Because I thought my kiss would break the spell, Matau. [to Sunset] Is that right, Sunset?

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, Cody. I hope Ryan was ok with me protecting us.

Odette: Cody is cute when he helped Ryan and me.

Cody Fairbrother: Odette. Not in front of my brother.

Odette: Nah. Let him look.

[Odette kisses Cody. Cody's eyes turn into red hearts]

Ryan F-Freeman: Cody? Are you ok?

Cody Fairbrother: [in love] Yeah. Odette kissed me. My dream has come true.

12th Doctor: What's with your eyes in form of red hearts?

Cody Fairbrother:

Ryan F-Freeman:

Evil Ryan: Yeah. Ryvine's lightsabers will do well in my collection.

Lois Griffin: Oh, Meg! You are so brave. You saved Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: And I am eternaly greatful.

Alphablock N: Lois? You got your Uberta outfit?

[Lois nods then Ryan got huged by Odette]

Ryan F-Freeman: Aww. You're so cute.

Twilight Sparkle: [hugs Ryan and Odette] My loyalty is with you and my friends, Ryanodette.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryanodette?


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