Here's how the search for Brian and Order CH-55 in action goes in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

Patchy: I miss Potty. I remember the first time we met. [Patchy shows a picture of him as a young pirate and holding Potty's egg in his hands] If I could only hear his voice.

Potty: Less talking and more working.

Patchy: [gasps] Potty! You came back to apologize!

Potty: I came to tell you to get back to work!

Patchy: Hey, you can't tell me what to do you... Huh? Assistant manager? How did you become assistant manager?

Potty: Oh a thing called the G.E.D., man.

Patchy: Oh, here we go again with the fancy booklearnin'. Customers love me cookin. Why, we're almost out of doggie bags.

[Customer throws up the food in a doggy bag and the customer's face turns green like a zombie]

Patchy: Oh Potty, what am I doing wrong?

Potty: You just need some practice, that's all.

[Patchy flips burgers and stuff, then, we see Patchy looking through a microscope, and sees mini burger bacteria cells, then he laughs, and coughs]

Patchy: Ahh, me patty's done.

Potty: Smells like an unswabbed poop deck!

Patchy: Oh, Fine. I'll eat it! [Patchy eats it and then smiles, frowns and spits it out] Oh, for the crime of foaling me taste buds, I order you to walk the plank! [Patchy watches as the burger on a string jumps of the plank into the trash]

Potty: You're unsanitary, Patchy, You keep raw hamburger meat in an old boot!

Patchy: Well, that's what gives it its special flavor. [Patchy puts a small piece of hamburger meat on top and sparkles]

Potty: You've got rats in the kitchen!

Patchy: Oh, I brush and shampoo them daily. Who's Patchy's little princess? [Rat bites him] Owwwwwwwww! Mmmmmm! Don't do that!

Potty: And you should wash your hands after using the bathroom.

Patchy: What? Overtime?

Potty: That's not all! This is a step in the right direction.

Patchy: What kind of a pirate wears a hairnet?

Potty: The same kind who wears a "Kiss the Cook" apron.

Patchy: Well, you'll never know, Potty. I might get lucky. You hear that, ladies? Patchy's available. Huh? [Patchy winks four times]

Potty: Now I feel sick.

Patchy: That's it, you feathered snake! This time you gone too far!

[Patchy starts flipping patties at Potty]

Potty: Brawk, you missed! Squawk! Is that all you got?

[when Potty flies away, Patchy flips one in Mr. Pirateson's face]

Potty: Now you've done it.

Mr. Pirateson: [He removes the patty from his face] Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Patchy: Yes, Mr. Pirateson. [Potty flies into his office] You kids watch the rest of the film, while I watch Potty get fired.

Mr. Pirateson: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Patchy: Coming, Mr. Pirateson, sir.

[Cuts back to the film]

[At the Eeveelution house, Sylveon was cleaning the dishes, and Eevee is talking to his brothers and sisters, as well as Dougs, Skeeter, Little Bear and his firends]

Eevee: And Vinny mentioned: "divorce" to Thomas and Twilight! It was awful.

Little Bear: So, Brian, or Sylveon, didn't tell you guys about this?

Eevee: Well....

Selena: What, she can't do that!

Breon: Mom can't raise us all without Father. We'd never did anything wrong!

Alan: Well, we did get them mad every once in a while.

[Then it shows several clips of Brian and Sylveon getting mad by saying: "D'OH!" and by getting hurt, or some random event]

Glaceon: Who the heck does she thinks she is?!

[Glaceon angrily walks to Sylveon]

Skeeter Valentine: Glaceon, what are you doing?

Glaceon: Giving her a piece of my mind!

Jolteon: Wait, what about our Christmas Album?

Glaceon: (walking into the kitchen) Hey, Mom! Pop quiz. What are the 3 most important traits of the ninja?

Sylveon: Easy. Speed, stealth...

Glaceon: And honor. Like you having honor keeping a secret of divorcing with Brian, huh?

Sylveon: I don't what you're talking about.

Glaceon: Oh, [chuckles] what a surprise! You're lying to us now!

Sylveon: If you're referring that night, Brian didn't came home after 11:00pm. It was only a warning.

Glaceon: Listen Mom, if there's even a chance, that you and Brian divorce....

Sylveon: We're a family, Glaceon. Rather if you like it or not.

Glaceon: It's not about what I like, it's about what the rest of us are willing to accept. You or Brian should have told us before you decided to do something like that.

Sylveon: I consulted Brian, and we decided....

Glaceon: And what about us, huh?! We don't get a vote?!

Sylveon: There's only one person who makes a vote in this family, me!

[The 2 glare at each other, till Sylveon notices the others]

Sylveon: Eevee, you, your brothers, and sisters go to your rooms. [to Glaceon] As for you, young lady. You're grounded. [walks away]

Glaceon: You're grounding me?!

Sylveon: You're the one who always gets grounded! Now march to your room, young lady! I'll be up later to talk to you.

Flareon: What did we do?!

Sylveon: Just do as you're told! March! [points to the hallway with her left feeler]

Eevee: [to Glaceon] Well, that could have gone well.

[Glaceon stares angrily at him]

Glaceon: The nerve she has! Thinking that she and Brian will break up, and ruin the whole entire family?!

[It cuts to them heading towards her room]

Glaceon: We'll, that's gonna change!

Breon: What do you mean?

Glaceon: We're gonna know why Mom's doing this!

The others: Yeah!

Breon: I still don't get what you're saying, though.

[Meanwhile, we see Thomas, Twilight, and Vinny still searching as they copme to the viaduct]

Thomas: Brian?

[but just at the other side of the ridge, was a small army of changlings]

Changling Trooper #1: There, they are! FIRE!!

[then the Changlings fire a laser cannon at the viaduct and when the blast hits the side of the bridge, it sends Thomas, Twilight, and Vinny flying off the bridge!]


[and with a loud splash, they land in the river]

["Anakin's Betrayel" starts playing]

[then we visit several different places where we see each Jedi Master killed by Changling Squadrons.]

Zecora: (senses all that's happening)

[Then 2 Changlings appear and to walk up to her, but Zecora quickly ignites her Lightsaber and kills the 2.]

Zecora: [walks off]

[In the Jedi Temple, we see the royal guards fighting against several Changlings as Brian comes into a room where there's several Jedi younglings hiding]

Unicorn colt: Master Brian, there are too many of them! What are we going to do?

Brian: [ignites his Lightsaber (which makes the sound of a Sith Lightsaber)]

[Sylveon is looking up at the stars. Then she wheeps]

Lois: What's wrong?

Sylveon: Not now, Lois.

Lois: Okay. [leaves her]

Sylveon: Oh Brian, I hope you're okay.

[then it cuts to the next scene]

[we see Figge heading to a small shuttle when 4 Royal guards show up]

Figge: Yes?

Royal Guard #1: There's been a rebellion. Don't worry, the situation is under control.

Royal Guard #2: I'm sorry, but it's time for you to leave.

Figge: And so it is.

[but as Figge is about to board the shuttle, the Royal Guards transform into Changlings!]

Changling Trooper: Get him!

[but then one of the Jedi Younglings appears and blocks their shots. But he is shot]

Figge: NO!!!

[Figge then quickly hops into his shuttle and takes off]

Changling Trooper #2: We got to stop him!

Changling #4: Leave him.

[Meanwhile, we return to the viaduct where we see Vinny swimming out of the river as Twilight emerges from the water, carrying Thomas, as the Changlings search for them. and then we come to where Zecora is coming to a small cruiser]

Figge: [emerges from the cruiser]

Zecora: Things have taken a deep dark turn, and it's making a deep burn.

Figge: We need to gather all of the others and Jedi before things get worse! Jump in!

[Zecora does so]

[we return to Thomas, Twilight, and Vinny who are hidning from the Changling Troopers]

Changling Trooper Sargeant: Keep up the search! We must find those 3 dead!

Thomas: [whispering] How do we get out of here?

Vinny: I have an idea.

[sneaking past the many Changling Squadarns they find a rouge Changling ship and hop in it and fly away]

Vinny: [into radio] Emergency Contact, we have no contact on any frequency.

[then a hologram faintly appearsd]

Twilight: Who's there? Come in!

[Figge's hologram appears]

Figge: Vinny, Twilight!

Vinny: Figge, Changling Troops tried to kill us we need help!

Figge: We just picked up everyone else, it appears the same thing happen to them all.  We're seanding you our cordinates right away.

[Later it cuts to Brian returning home with the Eeveelutions and the Griffin Family waiting for him]

Sylveon: [hugs him] Brian, what's going on? We heard about an attack at the Jedi Temple. Are you okay?

Brian: Yes. The Jedi have turned against the Republic.

Peter: What?!

Sylveon: Oh, Brian, what are you gonna do?

Brian: I don't know.

Stewie: What about Vinny?

Brian: My only hope is that he's safe with Thomas, Twilight, and the others.

Meg: The others are looking for you.

Brian: What?

Chris: After you ran away, after you knocked over the tower, they were searching for you.

Brian: Where are they?

Lois: We don't know. They went all around to different locations. They could be anywhere.

Sylveon: Brian, what are you gonna do?

Brian: I will not betray the greater good. First, I'm gonna head back to Canterlot, it's likely that the others will be there. And then I've gotta a very important task. After I regroup with the others, I will go and complete the task that will end the war. The remaining droid leaders, Brit, Tiff, and the Biskit Twins are hiding in Cloud City in the Bespin System.

Sylveon: Brian, I'm afraid.

Brian: Have faith, my love. Everything will soon be set right. Wait for me until I return. Things will be different, I assure you. [they share a kiss] Please, wait for me. And please don't tell Eevee, or the others about this. [he then boards his cruiser flies off for Canterlot]

Lois: What does he mean by that?

Sylveon: I don't know. But I have a bad feeling about this.

[Meanwhile, we see Vinny, Thomas, and Twilight catch up with the main ship, where they meet up with Figge, Zecora, and the rest of the gang]

Vinny: Where's Brian?! Have any of you guys found him?!

Percy: No, we haven't had any luck.

Applejack: Wer' sorry, Vinny. But we can't seem find him.

Gordon: And we don't have any chances of doing so now, not with all these throngs of Changlings attacking!

Twilight: Well, has any other other Jedi besides us, survived?

Zecora; We haven't heard anything from anyone, it be that anychance of more survivors is none.

Figge: And I saw many Changling Troopers attack the Jedi Temple in Canterlot. That's why I went to found Zecora and everyone else.

Barret Barricade: However, we did receive some contact from the temple.

Edd: It's a code telling Jedi to reutrn to the Temple.

Vinny: The Changlings have made a trap! If anymore Jedi go to the temple, they'll be killed!

Thomas: Then we must get back to Canterlot right away.

Princess Luna: And be then we can found out what is causing all this chaos.

Zecora: I agree, and maybe there will be more clues to see.

Shining Armor: Well, if there's a code being sent out to all Jedi to return to the Temple, then there's a chance Brian might be heading there too.

Zoe Trent: But he'll be killed!

Edd: Then we must get back to Canterlot as fast as we can before it's too late!

[Meanwhile, Brian is flying to the temple]

Brian: Now it's time to get my dignity back.

[then for a breif moment, his eyes glow Sith Red with a bit of Turquise Blue]

[Meanwhile, at the base in Cloud City, Nightmare Moon and Sombra are talking to the Crusts and Biskits]

Britanny: You mind telling us why we need to be here in the Carbon Freezing chamber?

Nightmare Moon: Because, you have done well.

King Sombra: When my new apprentice, Lord Manacore arrives, he'll take care of you.

[soon we return to our heroes, as they are soon flying towards the mountain where Canterlot is]

Eddy: We're almost there!

Uray: We're recieving a message from a rouge cruiser.

Edd: Send it through.

Tune: Right away.

[on the view screen appears Brian]

Vinny: Brian!

Brian: Vinny, good to see you're okay. I received the word from the Temple and I'm heading there now.

Twilight; Be carfeful, Brian. The Changlings are there!

Brian: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine! I'll meet you at the temple!

[message cuts off]

Edd: That's strange, I thought Brian would still be more upset about the tower.

Barret Barricade: It could be a trap.

Vinny: I don't think so. Brian usually does ambushes than traps. Either way, we must be careful.

Zecora; Indeed, and we must take out the Changling Troops if we wanna suceed.

Princess Celestia: Then we must drop of some the team in Canterlot, so they can scout the city for more Changlings, and the rest of us will go to the temple.

[Some of the group split in two, and Brian lands near the Jedi Temple]

Brian: R4, stay with the ship. This won't take long.

R4: [beeping]

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