This is how The search for Shockwave goes in Twivine Sparkle's Cutie Mark Quest.

[The Spacebridge opens on Cybertron and Thomas, Ratchet and Smokescreen step through]

Thomas: I hope Shockwave is here.

Smokescreen: Why would he be here?

Thomas: Because, remember, when Unicron attacked?

Smokescreen: Oh.

Thomas: Shh. What was that?

[They hear creaking]

[Shockwave sees Thomas and two of his friends]

Shockwave: Autobots.

Thomas: And a Train-Bot.

Shockwave: What are you doing here?

Thomas: Twivine and Ryvine are going to get the Cutie marks and when they do, they will rule the universe as...

Smokescreen: Brother and sister?

Shockwave: So, Megatron did make Ryvine a Decepticon leader. Who will help your friends?

Ratchet: Sci-Ryan is fetching Megan Williams and Ryan is finding Princess Dark Matter.

Shockwave: By Primus. Ryan is now a Prime?

Thomas: Yes. Wanna help us for once and stop Twivine?


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