Here is how the second battle, Selene has been brainwashed, and capturing Frost and Malefacent goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Everyone's nice and safe. What next?

(we see the RFA standing ready when Frost, her forces and Malefacent arrived)

Indominus Rex: I don't know how she got out, no doubt Ursula is in prison by now, but frankly I don't care. I'm taking her down.

Nighlock: You take her, I take Malefacent.

Indominus Rex:(in Captain America's voice) Well, all the guys from barber shop quartet are dead.(back to her normal voice) Sure.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Me and my big mouth.

Nighlock: Attack!

Everyone: Charge!

(while they weren't looking, one soldier put a control collar on Selene)

Soldier: Selene's been brainwashed. Selene's been brainwashed!

Malefacent: Silence fool!(kills him)

(while she wasn't looking, Nighlock snuck up on her)

Nighlock: I don't think you'll be needing these anymore.(begins draining her power and magic with the Raven Force)

Malefacent: No!

Bucky Barnes:(punches her with his bionic arm)

Quicksilver:(runs past her knocking her down)(in his Sokovian accent) You didn't see that coming.

Spider-Man:(webs her hands together and his eyes move) Hey everyone.

Major Malfunction:(shoots cuffs at her legs)

Indominus Rex:(kicks Frost to the ground) You're done for!

Emma Frost: No!

Indominus Rex:(grabs a pipe with a sharp end and slices her left leg off(she's in her diamond form)) Now to finish it.(drives it through her shoulder and breaks it off)

Emma Frost: Ahh!

Light Ultron:(takes her and Malefacent to prison)

Senator Kelly: Mr. tavary!

Nighlock:(stands at attention) Yes sir?

Senator Kelly: I am pleased to tell you, that the Sea Witch has been successfully delivered to prison.

Indominus Rex: Oh thank goodness.

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