Here's how the ship battle goes in Return of Darth Sidious.

[TIE Fighters come in]

Pilot: There they are!

[we then see the fleet]

Han Solo: Get ready!

Chewbacca: [growls]

[The ships collide]

[then they all start firing at each other as there are explosions in the sky]

Lando Calrissian: Fire at that sensor relay!

[the X-Wings fire at the sensor relay]

[the sensor relay is destroyed. But a giant cannon comes out]

Lando Calrissian: Yeee-ah!

[the cannon fires and destroys some ships]

Han Solo: YAHOO!!!

[the Millennium Falcon then zooms over]

[then the others sneak inside the Castle]

Hiccup: Look what they've done to it.

[we see the walls are painted black and dark gray, and the windows are covered with The Empire's symbols]

Astrid: This is just wrong! This a castle for royal equines, not the Sith! (snarls) When we get to that emperor, I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!

Scootaloo: I'm with you, Astrid!

Nix: Can we focus on our real mission here!?

Skyla: Right! We have to find Yuna!

Mushu: And free everyone else of their control of the dark side!

Vinnie Terrio: And free Blythe!

Mushu: That's what I just said.

Toothless: [lifts his head up and looks around]

Hiccup: What is it bud?

[They hear Yuna screaming]

Night star: [springs her head up hearing her friend's cries of pain and then races forward]

Skyla: Night star, wait!

[They run behind her]

[Night star then bursts through the doors and roars thunderously and sees Yuna lying hurt]

Night star: [growls and nudges Yuna]

Yuna: [wakes up] What?

Night-star: [growls as she nudges Yuna again]

Yuna: Night star!

Night star: [starts licking Yuna]

Yuna: [giggling] Okay, okay! [hugs her snout]

Hiccup: Are you alright?

Yuna: Yeah.

Astrid: Let's find that old man!

[they begin to walk down the corridors]

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