Here is how Princess Luna flashbacks begins with Princess Yuna as a baby filly in Yuna's First Word.

At Canterlot, Prince Hiro was getting ready for the royal meeting.

Hiro: I won't be gone long, Luna.

Princess Luna: I understand, Hiro. You, Shining Armor and Flash have a great time.

Baby Yuna: (happy gurgling)

Hiro: I'll be back soon. (kisses his wife and baby)

Princess Luna: Goodbye, Hiro.

Hiro: Wish me luck!

Hiro left for the royal meeting.

Princess Luna: Is my little filly ready for playtime?

Baby Yuna: (giggles)

Princess Luna: I thought so. (kisses her baby's cheek)

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Luna was playing with Yuna.

Princess Luna: Where's Yuna?......Peek-a-Boo!

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: Peek-a-Boo!

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: Boo!

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: (giggles a bit) I'm gonna tickle you. (tickles Yuna with her wing)

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: (blows her baby's belly)

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: (blows her baby's belly)

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

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