This is how the storybook goes in Friendship is Magic (Part 1).

Narrator: Once upon a time, on the magical planet of Cybertron, there were two regal brothers who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the youngest used his spark energy to create new Transformers. And the oldest made good progress in gladiator battles. Thus, the youngest and oldest brother created balance for their own planet and their friends, all the citizens of Cybertron. But the oldest brother became resentful as time went on. The citizens of the planet admired his younger brother's amazing work, but shunned and didn't admire his gladiator talents at all. One fateful day, the older brother decided to give up being a gladiator. The younger brother tried to reason with him. But the bitterness in the elder one's heart got the best of him and transformed him into a wicked robot calling himself Megatron, dynamic leader of the race of evil robots called the Decepticons. He vowed that he would bring Cybertron to its knees using his army. But, reluctantly, the younger brother harnessed the most powerful object all time called the Matrix of Leadership. Using it's power, he defeated his older brother and send him to the Caverns of Cybertron. The younger brother took on responsibility for both...

Narrator and Thomas the Tank Engine: ...creating Transformers and doing gladiator stuff.

[We view Thomas reading the story]

Thomas: And harmony has been maintained on Cybertron for generations since. Hmm. The Matrix of Leadership. I think I've heard of that somewhere before. But where.

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