Here's how the strange activity goes in Little Bear's Adventures of Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai.

[Later at the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy is checking on all the Pokémon but Brock notices something]

Brock: Nurse Joy. I think I could use an exam to. It's these hallucinations!

[We see hallucinations of the Pokémon flying around]

Nurse Joy: But I'm seeing them too.

Duck: This has gotta be Darkrai's evil spell! He's made all these poor Pokémon ghost!

Emily: No, Duck. He'd just putted them to sleep, and he's just letting your imagination get carried away.

Duck: What imagination?! Putting Ash to sleep, these hallucinations of these sleeping Pokémon....

Cat: It's just a coincidence, Duck.

Duck: Oh.

[Soon Chansey, Alice, and Tonio are running up with a blanket, Pidgey, and Murkrow in their arms]

Alice: I guess you're all still a little shucked up.

Dawn: I think you're right.

Ash: Guys! We got a problem!

Little Bear: A real big problem!

Pikachu: Pika!

Dawn: We've got a problem here, too.

Baron Alberto: Really? Well excuse me people, but you don't know the meaning of the word: "problem"!

Everyone: Huh?

Dawn: Since when did Lickilicky, talk!?

Piplup: Piplup!

Baron Alberto: I am not Lickilicky! [waves his tongue around and grabs his tie] I am the Baron Alberto!

Owl: The Baron Alberto?!

Dawn: No way!

Baron Alberto: Quick, Tonio! Turn me back at once!

Alice: You act like Albeto.

Ash: He's telling the truth! He turned into Lickilicky right in front of us!

Little Bear: It was the creepiest thing I'd ever seen!

Jessie: And us!

Everyone: Huh?

[We see Team Rocket carrying Lickilicky]

Jessie: [stranning] We saw the whole thing with our own... eyes!

[They soon put him down to the ground]

James: Here's the real deal as proof.

[Soon Tonio is looking at the problem with his computer]

Tonio: The real world, merging with the dream world.

Alice: What are you talking about?

Tonio: All of these Pokémon are dreaming that they are being chased by something frightening.

Duck: Something frightening?

Baron Alberto: And what about me?!

Tonio: I guess Lickilicky must be dreaming that it turned into you.

Baron Alberto: Say what?!

Tonio: The space around our city is being active by a powerful force, creating a space time phenomoly. Resulting in all the strange things we've been witnessing.

Alice: But why?

Tonio: I don't know.

Baron Alberto: It's that Darkrai! Every time it appears, strange things happen! Don't you see?!

Tonio: Perhaps.

[Soon Baron goes to Lickilicky]

Baron Alberto: Lickilicky, you must wake up this instint and go destroy Darkrai!

James: Hey, guys what about our incident report?

Meowth: We ain't got enough that to fill a kitty pool.

Jessie: Look. First we'll get Darkrai, and then will dig deep.

[Then some other trainers run up]

Trainer 3: Listen people, we're stuck!

Trainer 2: It's the craziest thing.

Trainer 1: We're trapped in town and we can't leave.

[Soon we see Animos Town covered in fog and PokéBall is thrown in the air and out comes a Honchkrow]

Trainer 3: Now, Honchkrow Deep Fog!

[Honchkrow does so but it didn't work]

Everyone: Huh?

Brock: Deep fog didn't do a thing!

Trainer 1: No matter which way we try to escape, we always end up where we started.

Ash: I'll be back!

Little Bear: Wait for me, Ash!

[Ash, Little Bear, and Pikachu run into the fog but ended up back to the trainers]

Ash: But I know we ran straight.

Pikahcu: Pikachu.

Little Bear: This is really weird!

Baron Alberto: It's that Darkrai, doubt to do one of it's easy tricks! And nothing's gonna change until we destroy the nasty demon!

Jessie: It's nice to see Baron, Lickilicky back up to speed.

Baron Alberto: Baron Alberto! [licks Jessie]

Jessie: My pimples!

Baron Alberto: Pokémon Trainers, let me your ears your strength and your expertise, we must destroy this loathsome and evil Darkrai, and now, follow me into the fray!

Pokémon Trainers: Right!

[Everyoen starts following Baron and Team Rocket]

Trainer 3: What do you think?

Trainer 1: They need us.

Trainer 2: Yeah.

[They follow the others]

Ash: They need us too.

Dawn: Yeah.

Hen: Let's go.

Alice: Hold on.

Our heroes: Huh?

Brock: Alice?

Alice: The truth is, I don't think Darkrai's behind any of this.

Ash: What?

Dawn: But it must be Darkrai.

Hen: Yes, it must be Darkrai! It's gotta be Darkrai!

Tonio: No, it's bit too early to be certain. You see, back when I was a boy Alice and I we're playing together in the garden.

[We see a flashback of their childhood]

Alice: Tonio!

Tonio: Huh?

Alice: Yoo-hoo! I'm up here! Come on up, and play with me!

Tonio: Uh, it's dangerous up there! Look we're you're going!

Alice: Don't worry, I'm fine! [then she steps on a rock and slides down] [screaming]

Tonio: Alice!

[Then Darkrai appears from nowhere and grabs her!]

Tonio: Huh?

[Darkrai puts her on the ground and disappears into the ground as Tonio arrives]

Tonio: [sighs] Huh? [he notices Darkrai and he goes into the ground] Alice? Are you okay? Say something. Alice!

[Alice wakes up]

Alice: Tonio, oh, you saved my life, Tonio.

Tonio: Uh.

[Then she hugs him]

Alice: Tonio, I love you!

Tonioa: [narrating] But the truth is. I didn't save Alice that day.

[It goes back to the present]

Tonio: Now, I'm sure of it. It was Darkrai who saved you that day.

Alice: Oh. Oh, Tonio.

Tonio: Gody's diary, also says that your grandmother "Alicia" who opened up Darkrai's heart. I don't believe that Darkrai's evil either.

Dawn: Then, why is Darkrai fighting with everyone?

Ash: Something's keeping everyone to leave town!

Tonio: I don't have all the awnser's yet. For now, we just hang on.

[Soon our heroes look each other]

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