Here's how the strange activity goes in The Skarloey Engines' Adventures of Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai.

[Later at the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy is checking on all the Pokémon but Brock notices something]

Brock: Nurse Joy. I think I could use an exam to. It's these hallucinations!

[We see hallucinations of the Pokémon flying around]

Nurse Joy: But I'm seeing them too.

[Soon Chansey, Alice, and Tonio are running up with a blanket, Pidgey, and Murkrow in their arms]

Alice: I guess you're all still a little shucked up.

Dawn: I think you're right.

Ash: Guys! We got a problem!

Pikachu: Pika!

Dawn: We've got a problem here, too.

Baron Alberto: Really? Well excuse me people, but you don't know the meaning of the word: "problem"!

Everyone: Huh?

Dawn: Since when did Lickilicky, talk!?

Piplup: Piplup!

Baron Alberto: I am not Lickilicky! [waves his tongue around and grabs his tie] I am the Baron Alberto!

Dawn: No way!

Baron Alberto: Quick, Tonio! Turn me back at once!

Alice: You act like Albeto.

Ash: He's telling the truth! He turned into Lickilicky right in front of us!

Jessie: And us!

Everyone: Huh?

[We see Team Rocket carrying Lickilicky]

Jessie: [stranning] We saw the whole thing with our own... eyes!

[They soon put him down to the ground]

James: Here's the real deal as proof.

[Soon Tonio is looking at the problem with his computer]

Tonio: The real world, merging with the dream world.

Alice: What are you talking about?

Tonio: All of these Pokémon are dreaming that they are being chased by something frightening.

Rhenas: Oh dear.

Baron Alberto: And what about me?!

Tonio: I guess Lickilicky must be dreaming that it turned into you.

Baron Alberto: Say what?!

Tonio: The space around our city is being active by a powerful force, creating a space time phenomoly. Resulting in all the strange things we've been witnessing.

Alice: But why?

Tonio: I don't know.

Snoutlout: What do you mean "You don't know why?!" IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING!!

Baron Alberto: It's that Darkrai! Every time it appears, strange things happen! Don't you see?!

Tonio: Perhaps.

[Soon Baron goes to Lickilicky]

Baron Alberto: Lickilicky, you must wake up this instint and go destroy Darkrai!

James: Hey, guys what about our incident report?

Meowth: We ain't got enough that to fill a kitty pool.

Jessie: Look. First we'll get Darkrai, and then will dig deep.

[Then some other trainers run up]

Trainer 3: Listen people, we're stuck!

Trainer 2: It's the craziest thing.

Trainer 1: We're trapped in town and we can't leave.

[Soon we see Animos Town covered in fog and PokéBall is thrown in the air and out comes a Honchkrow]

Trainer 3: Now, Honchkrow Deep Fog!

[Honchkrow does so but it didn't work]

Everyone: Huh?

Brock: Deep fog didn't do a thing!

Trainer 1: No matter which way we try to escape, we always end up where we started.

Ash: I'll be back!

[Ash and Pikachu run into the fog but ended up back to the trainers]

Ash: But I know we ran straight.

Pikahcu: Pikachu.

Shai-Shay: (as Squidward in his way) I gotta get out of here! (he races through the fog but ends up back where he started from) AAH! (goes through the fog several times, but keeps ending up back to where he started from) WHERE'S THE EXIT? WHERE'S ANYTHING THAT LEADS OUT!? WHERE?! WHERE?! WHERE?! WHERE?!

Mucker: What is going on!? Why is everyone ending right back to where they started from?!

Baron Alberto: It's that Darkrai, doubt to do one of it's easy tricks! And nothing's gonna change until we destroy the nasty demon!

Jessie: It's nice to see Baron, Lickilicky back up to speed.

Baron Alberto: Baron Alberto! [licks Jessie]

Jessie: My pimples!

Peter Sam: You can't do that!

Baron Alberto: Pokémon Trainers, let me your ears your strength and your expertise, we must destroy this loathsome and evil Darkrai, and now, follow me into the fray!

Pokémon Trainers: Right!

[Everyoen starts following Baron and Team Rocket]

Trainer 3: What do you think?

Trainer 1: They need us.

Trainer 2: Yeah.

[They follow the others]

Ash: They need us too.

Dawn: Yeah.

Alice: Hold on.

The trio: Huh?

Brock: Alice?

Alice: The truth is, I don't think Darkrai's behind any of this.

Ash: What?

Dawn: But it must be Darkrai.

Hiccup: So you're just gonna jump to conclusion without proper evidence first?! How you lost your minds?!

Tonio: No, it's bit too early to be certain. You see, back when I was a boy Alice and I we're playing together in the garden.

[We see a flashback of their childhood]

Alice: Tonio!

Tonio: Huh?

Alice: Yoo-hoo! I'm up here! Come on up, and play with me!

Tonio: Uh, it's dangerous up there! Look we're you're going!

Alice: Don't worry, I'm fine! [then she steps on a rock and slides down] [screaming]

Tonio: Alice!

[Then Darkrai appears from nowhere and grabs her!]

Tonio: Huh?

[Darkrai puts her on the ground and disappears into the ground as Tonio arrives]

Tonio: [sighs] Huh? [he notices Darkrai and he goes into the ground] Alice? Are you okay? Say something. Alice!

[Alice wakes up]

Alice: Tonio, oh, you saved my life, Tonio.

Tonio: Uh.

[Then she hugs him]

Alice: Tonio, I love you!

Tonioa: [narrating] But the truth is. I didn't save Alice that day.

[It goes back to the present]

Tonio: Now, I'm sure of it. It was Darkrai who saved you that day.

Alice: Oh. Oh, Tonio.

Tonio: Gody's diary, also says that your grandmother "Alicia" who opened up Darkrai's heart. I don't believe that Darkrai's evil either.

Skarloey: I don't think so either. I mean, why would Darkrai wanna hurt nayone if he saved someone's life?

Dawn: Then, why is Darkrai fighting with everyone?

Ash: Something's keeping everyone to leave town!

Tonio: I don't have all the answers yet. For now, we just hang on.

Duncan: WHAT?! You mean we aren't gonna try to come up with a plan?!

[Soon the trio look each other]

Smudger: What the? Listen to yourselves! Who do you think Darkrai is, Mr. Merlin from the Sword in the Stone?! He's evil! And since your thinking he's good, your just defending him from harm's way!

Duncan: Smudger, just calm down.

Smudger: No, I won't! Darkrai is evil, [takes a shotgun out of nowhere] and we need to take him down. [cocks it]

Penny Ling: Are you saying you want to kill Darkrai?

Smudger: Of course I wanna kill him! He gave Ash a nightmare! And now he's doing the same thing to those Pokémon!

Rusty: Smudger, you sound like Rourke.

Smudger: That's different! Rourke kills the innocent. I protect the innocent.

Astrid: Listen, Smudger! Alice and Tonio are right, Darkrai is not evil, he's doing something to protect us all and...

Smudger: No! You liisten, Astrid! I for one am getting fed up with this (indicating Astrid) "I'm a viking and that makes me better than you". (normal) Attit....

Astrid: [as Olive (in her own version)] STOW IT, GENERATOR HEAD!! (normal) (points her axe at Smudger) You're the one with the attitude, not me! And Darkrai has nothing to do with this nonsense! He must did something to make those Pokémon go to sleep!

Smudger: Yeah, like casting a spell to the town! But I don't know about you, but I'm gonna find Darkrai! 

[Soon he blows his whistle and follows Baron, Team Rocket, and the other Pokémon Trainers to find Darkrai]

Duke: Famous last words.