Here's how the strange noise and the encounter with the Predator goes in Snowdrop's Grand Adventure: The Search for Primrose

[the team are now out in the unknown. And are traveling in the forest]

Skyla: LOOK!!

[we see a rock upside down]

Snoutlout: [reading] The upside-down rock, if you made it this far, you're whwere... Monsters are.

[then there's a growling sound]

Uniqua: What's that?

Tyrone: Sounded too hunrgy for a hyena.

[everyone backs up]

Tyrone: Too be for a lion or a tiger.

[everyone backs up again]

Tyrone: And too sneaky for a fox.

[everyone is now backing up even more]

Tyrone: I say it's a big old, buggy-eyed, saber-toothy, Cloggersaurus!


Fishlegs; Which way do we run?

Sunil Nevla: Where do we hide!?

Connie: What's the shortest shortcut home!?

Snowdrop: I think that's a good way. [pointing to the left]

[everyone else takes off in that direction]

Snowdrop: Or that way is better.

[everyone races to the right]

Fishlegs: Give me a break!

Snowdrop; Or it could be that way.

[they run into toppisite direction]

Snowdrop: Altough, that way is good too.

[everyone is now running around in random circles]

Astrid: STOP!!!

[everyone stops in their tracks]

Human Rainbow: We're getting nowhere faster, you guys!

Astrid: Rainbow's right, Snowdrop! This isn't gonna work! We need someone esle to navigate. Someone who has a good sens of direction, who can come calm when things get out of hand. And someone cool minded.

Snoutlout: Like me?

Astrid: No. [grabs the map] Me.

[the growl is heard again]

Human Rraity: Where to, Astrid?

Astrid: That way. Through that thorny passage.

[Soon they go the thorny passage]

Human Rarity: Astird, how is this a good way to go? [avoids a thron] These thorns will ruin my clothes!

Astrid: With all these throns, the Cloggersaurus can't follow us, without pricking himself on them.

[Skyla is being poked by thorns]

Skyla: I'm already hating this place already.

Zoe Trent: [poked by a thron] Likewsie. [crawls under some] And Gail too.

Gail Trent: [slithering under a huge thorn] Quite right.

Jenny: Are you sure we're going the right way?

Astrid: Relax, Foxwroth. No Cloggersaurus can find us here.

[the growl is heard again]

Skyla: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! [runs away]

Human Fluttershy: Skyla, come back! We have to stay together!

[Skyla runs through the passage avoiding thorns and then races out of it and comes to a peaceful meadow]

Skyla: [panting]

[Skyla then looks around and is fasinated by the peaceful meadow]

Skyla: Wow, what a peaceful place.

Yuna: Skyla?

[Meanwhile, Skyla is watching a deer eating nearby]

Skyla: How sweet.

[Then suddenly, something blasts the deer. And another shot makes a hole though it's stomach, which gives the others it's attention. Then Skyla looks up and sees the killer, which he shines his eyes at her]

Skyla: YUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! [starts firing her Desert Eagle as she speaks] [growling] YOU FREAK SHOW!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! [then she runs out of ammo. But then she starts firing her TEC-9 sub machine gun rapidly like crazy] FREAK SHOW!!!

[Then Yuna and Nightstar show up, and Yuna begins firing and Nightstar fires plasma blasts. Then all the others and dragons show up and fire their guns and fire shots at the direction Skyla's shooting]

Skyla: [growling] FREAK SHOOOOOOW!!!!!!

[Then Joy, Nellie, and Aranea's Quad-wing fliers begin firing big shots destroying some trees]


[Soon they all ran out of ammo, and the dragons stop. But Skyla is still holding the trigger. But she lets go]

Yuna: Skyla, what happened?

Skyla: I saw it.

Sharon: Saw what?

Skyla: I saw it!

[Everyone looks around worriedly.]

Zoe Trent: Me and Gail will check it out.

[The 2 moved in the forest]

Connie: Yuna, you better take a look at this.

[They come to the dead deer's corpse]

Sunil Nevla: [covers his mouth]

Russell Ferguson: What in the world?

Aranea: The wound's fused and cauterized. Who the heck could have done this to this poor animal?

Yuna: Skyla.

[But Skyla ignores her]

Yuna: Skyla!

[Skyla looks at Yuna]

Yuna: Who did this?

Skyla: It was that thing. That invisible man.

Nyx: Nonsense! There's no such thing as an invisible man.

Skyla: There was! I saw it!

[Then the 2 argue about the situation]

Zeñorita Cebra: GUYS!!!

[The 2 stop]

Zeñorita Cebra: We don't know what it was, if Skyla say it's an invisible man, it's an invisible man!

Barney: I agree. Fighting won't help us!

[Then Zoe and Gail came back]

Blythe: Well?

Gail Trent: There was nothing. No trace of what we hit. We hit nothing.

[Everyone looks in shock]

Snowdrop: We're not alone out here.

[Then they hear the growl]

Moon Starlight: We'll discuss that later. RUN!!

[They all ran away from the growl, as the Predator appears uninvisible and he takes the deer's skull out (unseen)]

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