This is where Timber, Splinter, and Chomper switch places with beaver look-a-likes in The Great Dog Caper.

Timber: Gotta find the tugs.

[the beavers run down but turn back]

Splinter: [gasp]

[the section of the scrapyard has some amazing wood carved sulptures]

Chomper: Wow. Look at these wood sculptures.

[the beavers walk down the section, admiring the sculptures]

Timber: Wow.

Splinter: Who do you think made these sculptures?

Chomper: I have no idea.

Timber: Hey guys, look.

[they see 3 other beavers that almost look like them but they have toolbelts]

[With the other pets]

Sunil Nevla: I'm telling you, it's got everything in this book

Angel Bunny: [plugs his ears]

Sunil Nevla: Hey, I always thought the silver sector was the only..

[then a miniture car drives up to them]

Minka Mark: I thought we could search faster on wheels.

Angel: Nice one, Minka. Let me have a go driving.

Penny Ling: Let's find the others.

Angel: Right away.

[they drive]

[meanwhile the Beavers are examining their look-a-likes]

Timber: [waving his hand in front of his look-a-like] Am I really that thin?

[Splinter then is about to touch one of the lumberjack tool in his look-a-like's toolbelt]

Birchbark: [grabs Splinter's hand] Gotcha!

Splinter: Ow! What are you doing?!

Birchbark: Don't you know it's rude to touch someone else's stuff without asking?

Chomper: He was just looking, you know.

Chainsaw: Well, see with your eyes, not your hands. These tools aren't easy to find in beaver size.

Timber: Okay, okay. No need to be hasty.

Woodchip: I heard that!

Splinter: Well, no asked you!

Birchbark: Mind tellin' us, what you 3 are doing in this scrapyard?

Chomper: It's not any of your buisness!

Chainsaw: Really now? How bout a mud wrestling match. If we win, you have to state your biz.

Chomper: You 3 are so one!

Timber: We don't have time for a mud wrestling guys!

Woodchip: [jumps on Timber and they fly into the mud]

Timber: I'll get you for that!

Chainsaw: We'll see about that!

[Chainsaw and Chomper jump into the mud]

Splinter: Hey, wait.

Birchbark: [jumps on Splinter and they roll around in the mud]

[With the other pets]

Penny Ling: Where are Winona, Pepper, and Russel?

Minka Mark: You sure we're going the right way?

Angel Bunny: Hey, easy monkey toes, I'm sure I am!

Tank: Wait! Back up, back up!

[they back up and they're near a bunch of worn old comedian stuff]

Minka Mark: Comedy gear! Pepper's sure to be here!

Pepper Clark: Hey guys!

Angel: Pepper?

Pepper Clark: That's my name!

Penny Ling: Where are you?

Pepper Clark: Here!

Tank: Where's here?

[something tugs on Minka's tail]

Minka Mark: [looks back] Hello?

[then something taps Penny Ling's shoulder]

Penny Ling: Hmm?

Pepper Clark: [taps her other shoulder]

Penny Ling: Huh? Hello?

Tank: Something very strange is going on.

[as he speaks, something lifts his little copter]

Minka Mark: [gasp] Tank, your copter's floating!

Tank: Huh? [looks up] Huh, how's it doing that?

Sunil Nevla: Maybe it's a ghost!

Angel: A Ghost? Sunil, maybe instead of being spooked, maybe you should try your psychic powers to see what's going on.

Sunil Nevla: Oh. Very well. [closes his eyes]

Angel: Well?

Sunil Nevla: I see, a coloration of gray and white near Tank.

Angel: Hmmm. [sees apail of water] Minka, pour that water above Tank.]

Minka Mark: [does so]

[as the water falls, Pepper is revealed]

Pepper Clark: YAH! COLD!! COLD!!!

Angel: Whoa!

Pepper Clark: Okay, you get me.

Tank: How'd you do that?

Pepper Clark: I found some invisable spray paint.

Minka Mark: Huh? Invisible spray?

Pepper Clark: [shows the can]

Penny Ling: Where's everyone else?

Pepper Clark: I might have an idea where Vinnie and Winona are.

Angel: Can you show us?

Pepper Clark: Sure, [gets in the driver's seat] just leave the driving to me. [starts driving]

[Pepper drives the car down another section of the scrapyard]

Angel: This isn't how I imagined the scrapyard when I first heard it.

Minka Mark: Yeah, it was scary with a ghost engine.

Penny Ling: A ghost engine?!

Gummy: But that was just a story Edward told.

Sunil Nevla: [gasp] It says how you defeat Ripslinger! Look! [puts the book in front of everyone]

Pepper Clark: Watch it!

Penny Ling: Hey!

Angel: Get this out of our sight, Sunil!

Pepper Clark: Oh no!

[they're driving straight towards coal hopper]

Gummy: Look out!

Penny Ling: Stop! Stop! Stop!

Pepper Clark: Whoa! [slams on the brakes and swerves]

[the car hits a lever knock to the hopper and coal starts pouring out]

Sunil Nevla: AAAAAAHHHH!!!

[they straight driving away]

Pepper Clark: Hang on! I'm going into the spin cycle!

[then suddenly, Sunil loses the book!]

Sunil Nevla: WAH! [jumps out] My source of victory! No, stop! [the book falls into a garbage chute] NOOO!!! [notices the others leaving] Hey! Wait up! Slow down! Stop! Mongoose overboard! Come back!

Pepepr Clark: [stops]

Sunil Nevla: [flys in the back]

Pepper Clark: Try and stick with us Sunil. [takes off]

[back with the beavers]

[Birchbark and Splinter continue rolling around in the mud]

Splinter: Cut it out.

Birchbark: Hey come on, where's your fun side?

[then Timber, Splinter, and Chomper goes flying as the rolls finish then they slam into a wall of logs]

Timber: Ow!

[then the logs above them give way and the beavers are buried]

Chainsaw: Oops.

Woodchip: We must of done too much wrestling and not enough mud.

[then the other pets, along with Vinnie, Opal, Whiffle, and Winona]

Pepper Clark: this place has a bunch of wood sculptures, Timber, Splinter, and Chomper are sure to be here!

Chainsaw: Hold it right there!

[they stop]

Angel: hey, stop goofing on and get in the car!

Sunil Nevla: Guys! I now how to defeat Ripslinger!

Woodchip: You do?

Sunil Nevla: Come on, I'll tell you on the way!

Timber: [muffled by the logs] Wait, guys! You got the wrong beavers! You got the wrong beavers!

Minka Mink: Ooh! Where'd you get those neat toolbelts, guys?

Birchbark: Well little monkey, we'll tell you.

[they drive away]

Splinter: [as John Reid] Hey! Over here! Wait! Maybe they didn't see us.


Timber: Hey, let's just keep calm and think of a way outta here.

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