This is how The tale of the Fallen goes in My Little Pony: Megatronus' Revenge.

[The film starts with Cody cooking some pancakes while singing "Bacon Pancakes" from Adventure Time]

Cody Fairbrother: Bacon pancakes, making bacon pancakes~

Take some bacon and I put it in a pancake~

Bacon Pancakes, that's what it's gonna make~

Bacon Pancake!~

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool singing, bro.

[Skiff the railboat arrives]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Skiff. Seen Odette today?

Skiff: Yeah. She's hanging out by the lake with Fixit.

Cody Fairbrother: Which lake?

Skiff: The lake in the park.

Sci-Ryan: At least Odette joined the Autobots. As for Rothbart, well. He join the Cons.

[We see Dark Crumplezone, Ransack, Thunderblast, and Thundercracker with Sunset Shimmer]

Emmet: Hey, guys!

Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Emmet.

Emmet: What are you teaching them?

Sunset Shimmer: I'm teaching them to embrace the magic inside them and how much of it they need to use when overcoming a tough challenge.

Emmet: Awesome. I'm teaching Flain of Crystal Prep to do the same.

Sunset Shimmer: Glad to hear.

Thundercracker: If not for her, we would've died in the Black Hole.

Ryan F-Freeman: And me. Starscream is beaten by me and Galvatron.

Thunderblast: Yeah.

Emmet: One thing. Why do you like Ryan, Thunderblast?

Thunderblast: I think its because he's a siren like me.

[Bumblebee watches but feels a sudden chill]

Ryan F-Freeman: Bee, you okay?

Bumblebee: I'm fine.

Thunderblast: You don't seem fine.

Emmet: I think he's feeling a great disturbance within the Force.

[Ryan then gets a vision of an evil Prime named Megatronus Prime (in his RID 2015 form)]

Megatronus Prime: (in vision) Do not say the name of Solus Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: Solus Prime?

Ryan F-Freeman: [in vision] Why won't I say that?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think he knows someone called Solus Prime.

Megatronus Prime: [in vision] Because she is dead does not mean she must be mentioned.

Ryan F-Freeman: Solus Prime is alive somehow and he must be Megatronus.

Megatronus Prime: [in vision] Megatronus Prime no longer exists. I am The Fallen!

[In reality, Sunset notices Ryan]

Sunset Shimmer: Ryan, snap out of it! [slaps him in the face]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ow. Thank you. I needed that.

Ratchet: [off-screen] Hey! That's my line!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry!

[Emmet looks at Ryan]

Emmet: Are you ok, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Thanks for snapping me out of the vision, Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer:

Ryan F-Freeman: I saw him. The one who killed Solus Prime. His name might be Megatron.

Emmet: Not even close. Megatron named himself after Megatronus.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're right, Emmet. And Megatronus is one of the 13 original Primes like Ryantinal and Ryantessa. But, he betrayed his comrades and killed Solus Prime.

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