Here is how the third battle, faking defeat, and capturing Myotismon goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(we see everyone getting ready for the next battle)

Nighlock:-and thanks to the brave and daring efforts of Firestar placing a bug in the enemy camp we know what they are gonna do before they even do it.

Major Malfunction: Therefore giving us an advantage. They coming here today.

Bucky Barnes: To destroy the everything and everyone. That's our advantage. We let them destroy the camp.

Sauron: And the element of surprise will be on our side.

Nighlock: And end this war, when Shaw least expects it.

Deadpool & Taskmaster: Mystique will be in charge of infiltrating the camp.

(They hear explosions outside and soldiers giving orders)

Nighlock:(looks at everyone) Our guests have arrived.

Major Malfunction: Anthony, get the team together. We're providing air support this time.

Nighlock: Yes sir.(leaves)

Thomas the Tank Engine: What do we do?

(we see Myotismon's forces destroying the camp and killing the RFA)

Myotismon: Now where is Code Red's?

(a spaceship is heard and everyone sees the famous Red Ship - all the Red Vehicles combined)

Soldier: This won't end well.

Myotismon: What have you done?! You've jinxed it! Here is your punishment! Grisly Wing!(kills him)

(the Red Ship then began firing)

Jetstream(Armour mode): I'll take them down.

Sunset Shimmer: Oh no you don't!(fires ion blaster which destroys his armour's power source)

Jetstream: I'm going! Gasp.

Myotismon: Hang in there young Jetstream I'm on my way!

Jetstream: Gasp.(eyes close)

Myotismon: Jetstream!

Jetstream:(crashes, completely unconscious)

(Soldiers and some heroes surround him and Jetstream with the Red Ship locking its weapons on them)

Soldier: Myotismon, don't move! You are under arrest!

Spider-Man:(tackles him) You have the right to remain silent!

Nighlock: Raven, get to their camp as one of their scouts and deliver them the good news. The enemy is destroyed.

Mystique: You don't have to tell me twice.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Well done, everyone.

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