This is how The unmasking and Scrappy's plan goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan meet Scooby-Doo: The Movie.

[The cult members and villains do a dance as our heroes pretend to be like one of them]

[Ryan sees Celestia sitting on a chair]

Ryan F-Freeman: Celestia.

[Ryan does some dance moves to move closer to Princess Celestia]

[Celestia eats some grapes]

[The cult finish their dance by pointing at Crash]

Crash Bandicoot: And a 5, 6, 7, 8. [dances some dance moves then finishes by pointing at Umarak]

[Sci-Ryan rolls his eyes]

[Thomas sees Twilight]

[Ryvine pulls out a sign that say "Our master and Quintessa's partner, Emile Mondavarious will give a speech"]

[Emile is about to give a speech]

Emile Mondavarious: Welcome to my little end of the world party. I've waited a long time for this moment. Thank you for returning the ultimate party favor. The Daemon Ritus.

[Ryalight and Quintessa clap their hands]

Emile Mondavarious: And now, behold the sacrifice.

[Cortex starts up the pincer]

[Ryvine laughs]

Quintessa: Behold. As Celestia's soul becomes one of Emile's and Ryvine will finish... what Megatron started.

Ryvine Sparkle: And I will rule Equestria with Twivine as brother and sister.

[The cult members chant in a language of demons]

Fishlips: Whoa.

Umarak the Hunter: There is Celestia.

Ryan Tokisaki: And there is the Great Deceiver herself.

[Dr. Strangeglove laughs and puts sunglasses on]

[The cult members raise their hands]

[Celestia gulps]

Ryan F-Freeman: Psst.

Princess Celestia: Ryan?

[Ryan pulls up his mask]

Ryan F-Freeman: It's me.

Princess Celestia: Ryan, could you leave me alone?

Ryan F-Freeman: Princess Celestia, I'm sorry I yelled at you. And I'm really sorry I haven't been a good friend since we got here. But listen to me, you gotta trust me.

Princess Celestia: You don't trust me.

Ryan F-Freeman: I do trust you.

Princess Celestia: You do?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes.

Princess Celestia: Thanks.

Ryan F-Freeman: Let"s get you off before...

[The pincer enters Celestia's chest and grabs her spirit]

Ryan F-Freeman: Celestia!

[The pincer pulls Celestia's spirit from her body and her body goes lifeless and her eyes close and her mane and tail stop flowing]

Ryan F-Freeman: No!

[Celestia's spirit gets pulled toward Emile]

Princess Celestia's spirit: Help!

[Mondavarious puts the Daemon Ritus in a hole in his shirt]

[Celestia's spirit tries to break free]

Princess Celestia's spirit: Help me!

Emile Mondavarious: The moment is at hand. Through the Daemon Ritus, I shall absorb the energy source.

[The protoplasms fly into Emile's chest as Cortex moves Celestia's spirit towards Emile]

[Ryan knows what to do]

[Crash watches in shock and Quintessa smiles]

Emile Mondavarious: And now, to complete the transformation, I shall absorb the pure one.

Ryan F-Freeman: Celestia.

Princess Celestia's spirit: Ryan. [tries to break free]

[Princess Celestia's spirit starts to get tired]

Emile Mondavarious: Ultimate power shall be mine.

Ryan F-Freeman: Nobody absorbs my mentor!

[Ryan spins at Emile and Quintessa]

Quintessa: Aah! Ryantessa, you traitor!

[Ryan then grabs onto the pincer and releases Celestia's spirit]

Ryan F-Freeman: You made Ryantessa from me, pal. I am Prince Ryan F-Freeman Prime!

[She laughs]

Princess Celestia's spirit: I'm free.

[She flies around]

Cult member: Get her!

[Ryan protects Celestia from the Cult]

Velma: Come on, let's get the Daemon Ritus.

[Umarak and Kuryan fight some bad guys]

[Quintessa sees Crash is on the pincer]

Quintessa: Dr. Cortex! Shake him off!

Dr. Neo Cortex: Get off my pincer!

[Princess Celestia's spirit flies around and cult members try to grab her but Cody and Codylight stop the cult]

[Ryan fights off some Vehicons]

[Emile gets knocked out]

[Princess Celestia's spirit returns to her body and her eyes open and her mane and tail flow again]

Princess Celestia: Ryan, thank you.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're welcome.

Scooby-Doo: Ryan? You hit Quintessa?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I will see Twilight as a friend to the end.

[Twilight's eyes return to normal]

[Fred notices something underneath Emile's face]

Fred: Hey. Look, Velms. A man in a mask.

[Crash pulls the mask off]

[It turns out that Emile is a robot]

Crash Bandicoot: Emile was a robot?

Sci-Ryan: Some people don't make them like I did.

[Ryan nods]

Emile robot: I shall absorb...

[The chest opens to reveal...]

Scrappy-Doo: Puppy Power! I've outsmarted--[gets shocked]

Sci-Ryan: Scrappy-Doo?

Scrappy-Doo: That's right, Shadowbolt. Quintessa found me after you left me. [his eyebrows get big] And I, Scrappy Dappy Doo, have absorbed enough energy... [his head gets big] rule the world with my all powerful army. [his arms get big] And I brought you here, puny pathetic heroes... [his body gets big] witness my moment of triumph. [his nose gets big] All I need to complete my tranformation is... [turns into Scrappy-Rex] PRINCESS CELESTIA!

Evil Ryan: Her? Don't you mean Toa Celestial?

Scrappy-Rex: Seize them!

Daffy Duck: Yipes! He is a monster!

Dalek: Exterminate them!

Bertram T. Monkey: Darn. I knew this day would come.

[Crash signals Optimus]

Dalek: We must exterminate them!

Dalek #2: No. Exterminate the creatures.

Ryan F-Freeman: Umarak and Kuryan will protect Celestia. Optimus and I handle Scrappy and Quintessa. [summons his Keyblade] I've got this, Prime.

Optimus Prime: Yes, Ryan. This plan of yours will light our darkest hour!

[Crash prepares for a battle]

Dalek #2: Exterminate the demons.

Ryan F-Freeman: Quintessa! Remember Optimus?

Optimus Prime: I am with Ryan.

Dalek #2: Exterminate the demons. Exterminate the demons.

[Celestia hides with Sci-Ryan]

[Ryalight is about to kill Optimus when Twilight zaps Ryalight and Quintessa with her magic]

Ryalight Glimmer: Ouch!

Quintessa: Nightmare, you traitor!

Dalek #2: Exterminate the demons. Exterminate Quintessa.

Twilight Sparkle: I am not Nightmare Sparkle anymore. I am Twilight Sparkle!

Dalek #2: Exterminate the villains.

Codylight Sparkle: Quintessa. I will...

Ryalight Glimmer: Boring.

Codylight Sparkle: [talks like Blurr] I shall beat you like evil Cons you are! You are nothing to me for I am the Prime-Prince Codylight Sparkle! [to Quintessa ] You Prime wannabe! How dare you hypnotize Optimus, Twilight, and OpThomas Prime? Rest assured. I will take my terrible vengance upon...

Dr. Strangeglove: Yeah. Whatever. Skip to the good bit.

[Quintessa growls because Codylight called her a Prime wannabe]

[Twilight hugs Ryan]

[Ryalight laughs]

Twilight Sparkle: Why are you laughing?

Ryalight Glimmer: I'm sorry. This is the part where I'm suppose to be angry. Full of rage. Insenced beyond belief. Once again, you broke free of my girfriend's control. I should be rather upset see, shouldn't I?

Scrappy-Rex: And in fact, we're furious! But, Ryan looked over one detail, you purple-winged pony freak. Now that Ryan got your teacher safe. All we have to do...

Uka Uka: Is take her from you!

Ryalight Glimmer: What he said.

[A song starts playing]

[Ryan runs with Celestia]

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