Here is how Professor Mosquito Amber makes a video review in the end of The Lost World: Genesis Park.

The next day, at Canterlot.

Princess Yuna: It sure is great to be home.

Snowdrop: I'm glad it's over.

Princess Luna: We're just glad you two are home.

Hiro: We've missed you so much.

Moon Starlight: Welcome back.

Princess Celestia: We are mostly proud of you.

Duck: We're all glad that you're safe.

Princess Sharon: Welcome home.

Princess Skyla: Thanks, Cousin Sharon.

The Royal Crusaders: (hugging their parents)

Armor Bride: We're glad to be home.

Princess Cadance: We're glad to have you girls home.

Shining Armor: You're lucky to be left off with a warning because you all saved Manhattan.

Princess Yuna: Thanks for watching Isamu, Indy, Anna, Tyrone and Flashlight, We didn't want to miss the fun of adventures.

Hiro: We're just glad to help, Yuna.

Princess Luna: (holding Isamu on her right hoof) Also, Your father and I were so proud of you, Snowdrop, Your cousins and your friends for saving Manehattan.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama.

Snowdrop: We're glad to be home.

Princess Cadance: (holding Tyrone on her left hoof) You won't have to worry about Radcliffe for quite sometime.

Prince Tyrone: (hugging his mother)

Princess Cadance: Aw, Tyrone!

Princess Yuna: Look, We're on TV!

On TV, Chet Ubetcha was on news with Perch Perkins.

Chet Ubetcha: (on TV) This is Chet Ubetcha reporting to you live on Genesis Park with Raptor Claw. Raptor, Can you explain how you became an animal trainer?

Raptor Claw: (on TV) Well, It wasn't easy, Chet. When I've first saw the animals, I can see how they were hand raised. Either from birth or hatched from eggs, It takes plenty of practice.

Perch Perkins: (on TV) Perch Perkins here with Professor Mosquito Amber. Professor, Do you have anything to say to the audience?

Professor Mosquito Amber: (on TV) Well, Perch, I personally like to thank Princess Yuna for making Genesis Park possible, She and her friends and relatives were very loyal. They diverse all the credit.

The scene changes to the prehistoric animals in Pangea, The Carnotaurus family settled down well.

Professor Mosquito Amber: (voice over) It was as Dr. Ian Malcolm and John Hammond foretold, Life will find a way. And I know for a fact is that God helps life find a way.

A pterodactyl lands onto a branch, ending the film.

                                                                                       The End.

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