This is how the consist for the western trains appears in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle meet The Lone Ranger.

Western train (with Jake)
  1. Steamy (with Jake on his Tender)
  2. Locomovtive 131
  3. Evan
  4. Puffy
  5. The Gatling gun car
  6. Applejack's train

In Applejack's train, the ponies, Buffalo tribe, Brian, Pokemon, and Spirit ride onboard (with Applejack driving). Then when the others get inot the other train, Braeburn drives while Brain and the Pokemon cover fire on the Gatling gun car and from the other engines.

Then at one point Steamy uncouples himself from Loco 131 and races ahead as one of the stray boxcars races onto the line behind him. Which Applejack, the Flim Flam bros. Apple Bloom, and Babs Seed are on. Then when the Flim Flam Bros. get shot off and run over by Loco 131, the stray boxcar gets switched off the line so Steamy can couple back on.

Then later, the other engines couple onto the back Applejack's train as Steamy gets coupled onto one of the other trains, and using both braking power and full power in the opposite direction, they manage to bring the train to stop before it can plunge off the bridge that was blown up.While Mr. Cole isn't so lucky.

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