Thomas' Adventures of Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas is an upcoming Thomas & Friends/Disney Crossover Christmas film to be created by 78659Thomas. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


A Christmas party is held at the Beast's castle sometime after the spell is broken, attended by almost the entire village. While reminiscing about the previous year's Christmas, Lumiere and Cogsworth get into an argument over who "saved" Christmas, prompting Mrs Potts to tell the story.

Going back a year, not long after the Beast saved Belle from the wolves, Belle anticipates the coming Christmas season, as do the other servants, though they reveal that the Beast is against the season since he was transformed into a Beast on Christmas Eve. To lighten his spirit, Belle teaches the Beast how to ice skate. They are observed from the West Wing by Fife, a piccolo into the castle and castigates revenge Avenant the younger brother of Gaston, is a war rider. Avenant the horse rider from the war and chained to the wall of the West Wing and any major movements would cause him to topple. He sends his piccolo minion, Fife, to sabotage their newfound friendship, causing Belle and the Beast to crash into the snow. Then, when Belle makes a snow angel, the Beast sees his snow figure as a shadow of a monster. He roars, thrashes the snow and storms off in a fit of rage. As Fife claims that Avenant will be proud of him, the Beast stomps back into his castle in fury and depression. He tells Avenant. Avenant secretly not caring about Beast.belle does not return to the castle."

Despite the Beast's misgivings, Belle decides to celebrate Christmas without his consent, though the Beast gradually opens up to the idea with advice from Lumiere.Avenant it was who stole the gifts and i cut the christmas free to changer them for the objects in the bewitched forest, but he secretly lies to the Beast telling him that Belle is abandoning him. Belle and a few more servants find and chop the tree down. As they start to the bring the tree back to the castle, Fife reveals himself after the cart falls off a patch of snow Belle asks how he got that far. Trying explain himself, Fife's reed falls off causing high-pitched tunes from him to sound, scaring Philippe the horse causing him to stomp on the ice Belle falls through the ice and almost drowns when she was caught by the rope tied to the tree. The Beast intervenes and saves her in time, though he locks her in the dungeon for attempting to leave.

As Belle is comforted inside the dungeon by the servants, the Beast has a change of heart when he finds a storybook present Belle left for him. He reads it and frees Belle, giving his consent to celebrate Christmas. Avenant stars shoots in the castle down and kill everyone by playing loud notes. Fife betrays him and aids the Beast and Belle as Avenant destroyed his Solos. He tells Beast the evil rider. The Beast reaches the West Wing and after a brief fight, makes it to the mantle and damages Avenant' shoot with a cannon as the keyboard is the only source of Avenant began to shoot., Avenant he goes to kill the beast tearing for belle return to the village. With Avenant gone, the castle is repaired and Christmas is celebrated.

Back in the present, Mrs Potts concludes that it was Belle who saved Christmas. Belle and the Prince enter the court to greet their guests, presenting Chip with a storybook as a present. As Fife, now the new court composer, leads the orchestra, the Prince and Belle share a moment on the balcony, where he gives her a rose as a gift.